Candy Corn is Haunted Hallows limited-time currency and is earned by completing Online Matches. The Candy Corn currency can be redeemed for Halloween items, Decryptors, and locked "Haunted Hallows" crates. Candy Corn won't expire on November 6 when Haunted Hallows is finished, you will still have the option to spend remaining currency for one-week post-Halloween Hallows.

 Psyonix has listed the drop rates of items in "Rocket League". Thanks to this Buy Rocket League Items overview, you will learn how probable it is to find a black market item, for example. Bootboxes have become a hot topic in recent months. After Electronic Arts mobilized not only the players but also the politicians and the judiciary with the questionable integration in "Star Wars Battlefront 2", the authorities in some countries opposed the gambling approach.

Among other things, more transparency is required and in the case of "Rocket Leage" the developers of this requirement have now complied. In this context, Psyonix has revealed the drop rates of items in "Rocket League". According to the company, they have not changed since the launch of the Crates and Keys system in September 2016.

The modern gaming industry has altered rather dramatically over recent years. Gone are the days of games focusing on multiple sequels, with many studios now opting for patches, updates and downloadable content for already existing products. Unfortunately for many, this comes with a monetary attachment, which brings us onto the indie smash hit Rocket League, and the advantages and disadvantages of how they shift their product.