The Madden NFL 21 hype cycle is here with EA Sports Tiburon's unveiling of its signature yearly release, and despite several specifics on Madden NFL 21play therein, Madden 21 is also available for preorder on PC, PlayStation 4, Steam, and Xbox One. Versions for the PlayStation 5 along with Xbox Series X will also be published. A lot of the info is taken from EA's Gridiron Notes blog article on the same topic. There are three editions of Madden NFL 21 that'll be available for purchase: Standard, Deluxe, and MVP Editions.

The Standard Edition of Madden 21 be available to perform on August 28, 2020 and will retail for $60.

Players can get 17 Gold Team Fantasy Packs as well as also the same"Your Choice" Uniform Bundle and Team Elite Fantasy Package for use in Madden Ultimate Team that the Standard and Deluxe editions boast, but will also get a Lamar Jackson Elite item with Power Up, one Big Quicksell Training Pack containing 1,150 Training, and yet another Madden Championship Series Ultimate Champion Pack containing home and away uniforms for the four EA Majors of this Madden 20 cycle and decorative tutor items symbolizing the four winners (Serious Moe, Volterax, Noah, and Joke) of those Majors. It seems Mut 21 coins that the 3 variants all have covers that are different which will probably mean different thumbnails in menus to gamers who preorder Madden NFL 21 digitally.

The Gridiron Notes blog post helpfully shows the contents of the Gold Team Fantasy Bundle as"two Gold or Better Players and the Silver or Better Players from the group which you picked." Odds are, the probability of pulling Elites in those packs will probably be poor. EA also revealed the players in the Team Elite Fantasy Pack, which are likely to be low-OVR Elite items used only very ancient in Madden Ultimate Team, on its Great Morning Madden live stream on June 15. Please be aware that all positions are accurate to their players in MUT in Madden 20, and could change in MUT at Madden 21.

EA Access trials have allowed access to the complete match for 10 hours per subscription, though there have also been workarounds found to extend or string multiple trials using a number of accounts. Origin Access subcribers on PC needs to have the same accessibility as EA Access gamers do, while Origin accessibility Premier subscribers should still have the fullest access of: Unrestricted full access to the entire game as of its launch, without any time limitation.

As for whether these things are worth it? That's mostly around you. My take is three times of early access may be an enormous advantage in MUT early on if you do not need to cover EA Access (though, given that $5 to EA Access will probably get you 10 hours as ever, it's largely an edge on Standard buyers); the Training is a substantial value if Training is, as has been the case in each of the 2 years it's been something, hyperinflated at launching; the players are likely not especially valuable nor are they particularly relevant a week or 2 after launch; the packs are a crapshoot, but 12 and 17 are big enough amounts to go hunting for particular players that you might desire; and, finally, the cosmetics are just cosmetics until further notice.

It is also true that Madden generally sees preorder reductions of 10 or 20 percent prior to launch (there's currently one available through the home screen of Madden 20), and that EA/Origin Access should give an automatic 10 percent off. If that's true again this year, it might behoove you to wait and preorder down the road, rather than doing so now. Personally, I have an EA Access subscription which I'll be renewing before the launch of Madden 21, and to buy Madden 21 coins I consider buying the most expensive variant available on launching a kind of good-faith gesture considering how little money I invest in Madden NFL 21 annually. Your mileage may, of course, change. Like this and/or my other writings on Madden Ultimate Team? Follow me on Twitter at AndyMUTchins for links, commentary, and real time reactions, or in / andyhutchins for intermittent flows of merriment.