Straight Blade hedge trimmer, many people feel unfamiliar, but if you say to repair scissors, most people will understand. Straight Blade hedge trimmer, also known as Straight blade hedge trimmer, is used to trim the branches and leaves of green plants. It is suitable for the technical pruning of flowers and trees, ecological parks, gardens, hedges beside roads and other landscaping aspects. In general, Straight Blade hedge trimmer refers to cutting with the support of a backpack lithium battery driven Blade, at this stage, Straight blade hedge trimmer is divided into single and double blade, straight curved knife, single and double hand and so on. If you have a large area of planting trees and flowers at home, you can always prepare a Straight Blade hedge trimmer, which is also very convenient to use. Although the operation is relatively simple, but we still can not be taken lightly, after all, it is mechanical equipment and needs safe operation.

Safety issues to be aware of before using a Straight Blade hedge trimmer

(1) Before starting the operation, all parts of the fuselage should be carefully checked to ensure that no screws are loose, damaged or deformed before the operation can begin. In particular, the blade and the connecting parts should be carefully checked.

(2) Before starting the operation, you should understand the site situation (terrain, the nature of the hedge, the location of the obstacle, the surrounding environment, etc.) and remove movable obstacles.

(3) Use a sharpened blade.

(4) Confirm that the blade has no broken edge, cracks, bends, and must not use the blade that has appeared abnormal.

(5) With the operator as the center, within a radius of 15 meters is the working area, in order to prevent idle people from entering the area, warning signs must be hung. In addition, several people doing homework at the same time should keep a safe distance.

(6) After tightening the screws, turn the blade by hand first to check whether there is an up and down swing or abnormal sound.

(7) When grinding the blade, ensure that the root of the tooth is filed into an arc to prevent the blade from breaking.

Straight Blade hedge trimmer