In the actual use of spring plate series, if the equipment does not work, the user can refer to the following reasons for analysis, and according to the reasons to find the correct fault and solve, among which:

1. Motor: When the normal tensile testing machine is powered on, the motor has been damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced.

2. Driver: The driver of the tensile testing machine is a key component for adjusting the speed and holding force of the testing machine. When you hear the sound of the normal motor, the machine does not work, most of the reason is the driver setting or wiring problems, the need to communicate with the manufacturer's technical telephone guidance, generally do not need to return the driver to the factory or replace.

3. Temperature :spring plate series is operated by the pressure of hydraulic oil. In winter, the oil temperature is too low, and it needs to be preheated for a few minutes just to start, otherwise it will not work in a short time.

spring plate series

In order to reduce the failure rate of spring plate series in use, users should pay attention to maintenance and maintenance during use, including:

1. Apply anti-rust oil to spring plate series fixtures regularly to prevent long-term oxidation and rust of equipment.

2. Check whether the screws on the device and related accessories are secured.

3. Due to the high test frequency, please check the electrical connection cable in the controller regularly.

4.spring plate series need to replace the filter element in time to prevent valve body blockage.

5. Observe the condition of spring plate series hydraulic oil and supplement it regularly. Before starting in winter, it is necessary to preheat in advance for more accurate measurement.

spring plate series