First, Core interests

Consumers will have different interests on different products, such as consumers who value dry beauty products, consumers' physiological needs are concerned about products that can solve their own skin problems, and psychological needs are concerned about visual beauty. At this time, the lift-up flaps book wholesale should integrate and highlight the elements of "beauty" to create a beautiful dream for consumers. The same product has different core interests in different occasions, such as the same cosmetics, consumers are more concerned about their own time is affordable and effective, lift-up flaps book wholesale must reflect the characteristics of genuine prices, and gift box, consumers are more concerned about "face", Therefore, the lift-up flaps book wholesale specifications should be atmospheric, and the printing should be exquisite, otherwise it will not reflect the generosity of the giver, and it will not let the gift and the recipient have luster on the face.

2. Unique feeling

Consumers' attention to a product is generally from the unintentional state to the intentional state, if consumers can be noticed in a large number of products, and have a good impression, then consumers will have a lot of opportunities to buy, creating a differentiated feeling point has been the dream of enterprises and brands. Just like a lot of different kinds of food, one of which has a particularly delicious appearance, the most reminiscent of the idea that you want to eat, and the unique packaging is the most able to attract the attention of customers, then it is the first step to success.

Three, deep memory points

lift-up flaps book wholesale will leave a deep memory point, which can be deeply burned in the mind of consumers and will not easily disappear, which is a powerful way to distinguish the product from other brands, so that consumers can quickly create memories and conducive to continuous purchase.

4. Trust

In order to remove consumers' doubts and create trust in the product, the product packaging can often play a silent and sound effect. One strategy is to let consumers see the "transparent", using transparent packaging materials or shooting physical objects to let consumers see the internal things of the product, rest assured and bold consumption, and another strategy is to note or authoritative scientific research institutions on lift-up flaps book wholesale, and its insurance company bears the quality insurance. Secondly, it will indicate the production date, shelf life, etc., and of course, bar codes, national unified retail prices, etc., to enhance consumer confidence and achieve sales.

Five, counterpoint image

The motivation of consumers to buy products is often determined by their own identity or image, when the product can reflect their image or identity, consumers will have the impulse to buy.

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