The power supply is the energy support part of the normal operation of the CNC machine tool. The direct result of its failure or failure is the shutdown of the system or the destruction of the whole system. In addition, the special type milling machine operating data, setting data and processing procedures are generally stored in the RAM memory, and after the system is powered off, it is maintained by the backup battery or lithium battery of the power supply. Therefore, the downtime is relatively long, unplugging the power or memory may cause data loss, so that the system can not run.

As the special type milling machine uses a three-phase AC 380V power supply, security is also an important part of the pre-installation work of the CNC equipment. Based on the above reasons, the following requirements for the power supply used by the CNC equipment are:

First, it is recommended to connect the electrical equipment to a single power supply. If it is necessary to supply some parts of the electrical equipment with other power sources (such as electronic circuits, electromagnetic clutches), these power sources should, as far as possible, be derived from devices that form part of the mechanical electrical equipment (such as transformers, transducers, etc.). For large complex machinery, including many machines that work together in a collaborative manner and occupy a large space, more than one induction power supply may be required, depending on the configuration of the site power supply.

It is recommended that the power cable be directly connected to the power terminal of the power disconnect switch unless the mechanical and electrical equipment is directly connected to the power supply through a plug/socket. If this is not possible, a separate connector should be set up for the power cord.

The handle of the power switch should be easily accessible and should be installed between 0.6M and 1.9M above the easy-to-operate position. The upper limit is recommended to be 1.7M. This can reduce damage and casualties in the event of an emergency by rapidly losing power.

special type milling machine generally uses a lot of pneumatic components, so the plant should be connected to a clean, dry compressed air supply system network. Its flow rate and pressure should meet the requirements. The compressed air machine should be installed away from the CNC machine. According to the layout of the plant and the size of the gas consumption, it should be considered to install chilled air in the compressed air supply system network for coal machines, air filters, gas storage tanks, safety valves and other equipment.

Precision CNC equipment generally has the requirement of a constant temperature environment, and only under constant temperature conditions can the precision and processing of the machine tool be ensured. General CNC machine tools have no specific requirements for room temperature, but a large number of practices show that when the room temperature is too high, the failure rate of the CNC system is greatly increased.

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