I have resolved to sum up my wow gold experience with WOW Classic since WoW was a game I always wanted to play and as a kid but never managed to (I am 24 now).while playing Runescape for a kid I always thought of WoW because the superior, latest and greatest MMORPG I never got an opportunity to playwith.

Upon reaching level 60 in my warrior, raiding with my guild, AoE leveling a mage to 60 very quickly to make me gold that I quickly realised WOW Classic was extremely shallow, professions seemed mostly insignificant other than matters like lionheart helm, Gold seemed like a novelty thing that really wasn't useful for much (other than a few items like Lionheart helm, mounts etc. ) since all the very best gear came from playing mind dead simple raids weekly and hoping for the best.

And also the PvP imo is absolutely horrible, and I can't believe that there are people that actually take wow PvP seriously, the classes are totally unbalanced and even when they were WOW Classic modes are extremely boring, the sole real point of PvP is to get no life's to grind some OP armour, it mindless grind which occurs to demand PvP.

Runescape is a game of a thickness, choice and individuality with this much to do quite few WOW players ever finish everything, in Runescape WOW Classic is a sandbox there is hundreds of different ways to make gold (and gold Is sooo important in runescape) it is totally up to the participant there are many different bosses and a lot of distinct abilities to invest in to form your individuality for a player. I was only taken back by bad WOW Classic was post 60.

A large amount of content =/= thickness. Theres a lot of things to do in runescape, but none of it is profound. Crafting doesnt get any more basic than runescape and the combat is incredibly simple, with the most complicated portion of it being prayer flicking.Depth probably significance AFK'ing cows into completing a lava cape run, latter requiring anything but simple combat mechanics xD.When just a tiny % of WOW players may complete it I wouldn't call it easy combat. I've played Runescape since I was a kid and people are studying new procedures to control mechanisms. Your argument that astrology flicking is easily the most complicated portion of combat shows you haven't expert Runescape past'simple' battle.

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Relative to other matches runescape battle IS simple. It's among the simplest if not the very simplest MMO out. Just because theres just a few number of WOW players with the interest or stats to complete content, doesn't mean its especially deep.Name a more complicated mechanic at runescape then taking advantage of host ticks to stall shedding prayer energy. The one thing I can think of that comes close is gear shifting fight. Fights in runescape compared to other MMOs require almost no input in contrast to other MMOs that have massive amount of rotations and skills/spells to them.