Grinding Gear Games has explained the balance of the game in detail in Path of Exile: Harvest, the transformation of two-handed weapons and slow attack, war and branding, etc. Grinding Gear Games said the focus of the game is on brand, war and two-handed weapons. Now that Delirium has become the core, we need to take this opportunity to balance the clustered gem and adjust its position in the game. We have now done our best to improve these two-handed weapons with great aggression by improving these investment options.

Two-handed weapons have gotten some love and retaking their rightful place at the highest of the facility meter, while retaining the danger related to using them in Path of Exile. Slow, heavy hits will now inflict enough hurt to stun the toughest of bosses, irrespective of the stun mechanics.

Path of Exile's entire two-handed melee arsenal has been rebalanced to produce ideal base damage for nearly any style of player. Additionally, most of the weapon types have own implicit mods specializing in a selected mechanic. The changes include additions to the passive skill tree providing power and utility, like Tribal Fury or increased total recovery per second forever leeching.

Skills intended to figure with two-handed weapons got a lift still, with Sunder, Static Strike and Tectonic Slam getting biggest reworks, but with POE Trade Currency ample numerical changes elsewhere.

Although Warcries is becoming more and more powerful, as the usage time increases, the cooling time also increases, and it is no longer shared between Warcries. Path of Exile: Harvest has made some efforts in this regard, for example, it added more Warcry passive clusters to restore the cooling time, thereby shortening the use time. The developers say the main purpose of these changes is to make Warcries have a greater impact on combat, risking being at rest and using a capability in the siege to get rewards.Now the game has made many POE Items adjustments, mainly to give players a better game experience, players will have more ways to get rewards in the game, if you want to get more rewards in the game, you can Buy POE Currency at the MMOAH store, this is a trustworthy, high-quality store that protects consumer rights.