From the beginning to the present, New Horizons has won unanimous praise. The first party game swept Nintendo Switch. The release time of the game is very consistent with the global epidemic outbreak time. At this time, many players are closed at home, so there is a lot of free time. Then the game takes advantage of this, not only attracts many fans for the game, but also helps people Spend this leisure time. New Horizons is the highest-selling game on Nintendo Switch this year. Animal Crossing Bells and ACNH Nook Miles Ticket are in an important position in this game. You can consult and buy on Since is a new store, all the products are very low in price. You can definitely use the lowest price Buy high-quality products.
Minecraft is arguably the foremost popular game of all time. The sandbox game has been flirting with the highest spot of the bestselling games of all time. The recent release by Mojang could be a Diablo-like dungeon crawler, supported the initial sandbox game itself.Dungeons seem to possess met the hype, with an enormous player base from Minecraft trying out the sport. Dungeons also have kick off in a very crucial time within the industry when loads of people are expecting new releases to Buy Animal Crossing Bells induce their hands on.
The Nintendo Switch is additionally a comparatively unique console, to start with. It's not home to any of the largest AAA titles in its lifetime. However, it gets its draw from well-made first-party games. These games, like Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey are developed and published by Nintendo themselves.
These games are optimized for Switch, and we can safely say that they will be best sellers in the future. This is also a good understanding of why Animal Crossing can take the lead within three months. In the future, "Minecraft Dungeons" will surpass "Animal Crossing" will be a very surprising thing, because "Minecraft Dungeons" is not a first-party Nintendo game. But this also proves that "Minecraft Dungeons" is based on its own advantages. The initial appeal of the game is so great that it surpasses the behemoth of the Switch itself. Although Minecraft Dungeons is a cross-platform game, it can compete with Nintendo's hitters.