Path of Exile is a huge POE game to try poe currency and understand. There is still heaps of systems I don't understand and an inventory full of items I don't quite understand how to use. But it has rekindled the power dream that ARPGs have been around. One that, for me, has mostly remained dormant since those sleepless nights playing Diablo 2.

Path of Exile includes seven playable characters, though only six are originally unlockable. The seventh, the Scion, could be permanently unlocked by rescuing her from a cage in the Upper Scepter of God region of Act 3.

Duelist: He also combats melee attacks and may also muster an AI minion to fight along with him. Templar: Fires projectiles, including three chunks of lightning at the same time and a series lightning attack. Witch: A feminine spellcaster with higher intellect. Ranger: She uses a bow and can be extremely dexterous, but can wield swords as well. Shadow: A dexterous and intelligent fighter, he utilizes short-range traps and weapons during conflict. Scion: She can develop into any character build thanks to Path of Exile's skill system. This makes her an innovative character, and she has to be unlocked later in the POE game.

Picking your first character is vital, but maybe not as big a deal as in other Diablo-style POE games. Path of Exile provides a remarkably large number of character slots, which means it is possible to play and switch between all seven types should you so choose. Additionally, the time-limited nature of leagues (which we will describe below) as well as the odds that you may unwittingly create a faulty character build the very first time you play mean you will most likely be generating new characters before too long anyway.

Many Path of Exile players choose to make their very own unique character construct the first time they play, experimentation with different passive abilities. But if you do that, keep in mind that full-character respecs aren't a choice in Path of Exile. You will make a restricted variety of respec points via natural progression and grinding, but not so many that rapidly transforming one build to another is a viable option.

Thus, my advice would be to follow a well-regarded build created by experienced Path of Exile players. This will focus cheap poe orbs your character growth and ensure that you've got an endPOE game workable character when the moment comes. Below are some fast beginner-friendly construct recommendations (current as of launch).