I get he's only in the rewards that are typical but who knows how far they thought? Like maybe they believed they were just doing 1 spotlight sim and then they changed their mind NBA 2K MT and decided to make a different one. I don't know why they're teasing something related to the Harden, unless it has to do with a different spotlight.I kinda feel all of the discussion about Harden was mainly"y'all finished those 150 offline games? Great. We have other content such as that forthcoming" that could have been the Kobe things today, and maybe more like this. I frankly feel if they weren't gonna be dropping far more offline content, then the Kobe thing would happen to be more than 8 games. I mean... Spotlight Sim was 150 games and a few people did that in a week!

My takeaway for now: It looks like most individuals are happy with the drop now, I see alot of folks coming into the card a little bit also. We have a free PD(kinda), imo a great spotlight show and rewards for them, and maybe we get a GOpal Kobe soon. If GOpal kobe has the exact same jumper then the remainder of his stats fixed to match his mid 2000s drama, itll be OP. The card is meh but the benefits for your challenges are great IMO. You get a lot of tokens, you receive mt, and you receive packs/consumables which you may either sell or use for more MT. We'll definitely get an Opal at a certain point today that we understand they have his rights back. It's just a matter of how we'll be able to get him. This jumper is fine btw.

I don't think anyone can complain about the content that is free that is absolute. 10k MT, 114 tokens, two free packs, a diamond contract and shoe and well, the mediocre card is a helluva free haul. And of course that men like me who love boundless contracts grabbed oodles for 6k. We were up in arms earlier when we thought the card was the be-all and end-all of the content. I'm really hoping that they drove that many tokens at us since they are likely to put the opal in token rewards. It would make sense. Should they place the opal in packs, folks may scream bloody murder.

I like the theory he's likely to be the next spotlight sim/whatever spotlight kind thing the do next's reward. Or like they can do another spotlight sim type thing, you receive another Opal and you then lock the Harden and another opal in to find a GO Kobe. That is a great take. I can actually see happening, particularly since they are giving us an opportunity at numerous tokens. I might have to get started grinding domination for all of those tokens.i think kobe was one of the 3 GO players along with such as lebron and vince carter that they had in the token market at the conclusion of 2K18 or 19.

Can't understand why some individuals are so adamantly against giving out a free, great Kobe. What is such a big deal about everyone having Kobe for four months to celebrate him, then from 2K21 on he's in packs like everyone else. Just don't get why that destroys NBA 2K for anybody lmao to Buy NBA 2K MT Coins. People are pissed because this Kobe card is worse than every single packable card that has come out in recent releases. Diamond Grayson Allen should not be better than Pink Diamond Kobe just because Kobe is free.