I know that a lot of Jmods are busy on this subreddit so that is why I fear that they're gonna hear the minority which wishes RuneScape gold to make it just as with any other skill in RuneScape. Archaeology is unique and you men nailed it IMO. Don't destroy it the XP rates because of a few people that don't understand that you have to commit a good deal of time into it and how MMORPGs work. By building a poll in-game and not on any social media platform if you thinking about changing something, at least ask.

The one thing I believe I would tweak (This is coming from an Ironmeme) would be to set a"minimal" amount of resources in a cache. Feels awful have it depletes in one and to go to a hit only run to another to have it perform exactly the same. I would make them personal. Would make hopping pointless although not making me despise other people, solving 2 problems in one go. That would only work if they had been made untradable because primary balances would alt-flood each of them for money.How is different from woodcutting? I believed jagex was moving out from sharing tools, its annoying and nothing else. Once the hype dies down even today there are resources that are void of people, it will be even more in the future. Its annoying if someone comes and then you have to hop or share. And the costs will crash eventually. Despite being a source, which can be useless, The same as logs.

They've actively changed the rules and in some ways while especially, encourage it avoiding doing anything around RuneScape players that exploit it into the scale of tens of thousands of accounts. Years back it was a reportable offense. While I disagree with their stance on this, I really don't see why their posture ought to be different for Archaeology than it is for every other aspect of RuneScape. Playing as an ironman I don't know whether the xp prices are really a issue so much as gathering materials is bottlenecking until you've got the materials to restore one experience when you can get artifacts. Even the XP rates aren't balanced round the ability you're intended to purchase mats. Comparing ranked ironmen to accounts that are routine, ironmen have significantly less than 1/3 the XP of their regular equal. It is a lot closer to an artisan skill than it's a gathering one.

Running short on hot materials which have only terrible stuff caches (hello Sivthril!) Is distress. They should all be able to support at least two RuneScape players similar to Orthenglass or Goldrune. Have to disagree. It would be dreadful game design to balance a skill round the requirement to buy items from additional RuneScape players in a fashion that encouraged botting. There is no way you can tell me firemaking was designed that you go sit there tossing them and buy 200k logs that are various. In the creation of RuneScape, it is super probable that firemaking and fletching were designed to be ground out by cutting your logs. If they intended one to buy all of your stuff they would not have taken to buy old school runescape gold to bring a exchange into RuneScape.