I am quite a while defender of Rocket League's non-standard modes, and the following one in transit seems as though it could be wonderfully moronic. At any rate, I expect high scoring games in Heatseeker, which will come to Rocket League on April 16. 

It's a 3v3 mode that transforms the ball into a heatseeking rocket whose target is constantly one of the objectives www.lolga.com. On the off chance that the ball is en route to your objective, hitting it will change its objective to your rival's objective—yet in the event that you divert it so that it hits your adversary's backboard, it'll return toward your objective, and it gets quicker with each hit. 

You're doing an aeronautical assembly until somebody scores, essentially, so great turn will be key since everybody will require vacation to finish off their lift between ball returns Rocket League Trading. With the ball skipping to and fro between the parts of the bargains until there's an objective, I figure matches will look something like 3D Pong with three oars on either end.