There are quite a few POE Orbs in the Road of Exile. There are three colors of POE Orbs: red, green, and blue, which represent strength, agility, and intelligence. The maximum gem level is 20, and the maximum affected by gems or equipment can reach 30, and the level, wisdom, strength, agility required by each level will also be different. If you want to play the role of these gems, you must equip them with equipment. All equipment except jewelry and belts can be equipped with skill stones.


To increase the output of a skill, in addition to the support on the equipment, the main source is to assist the role of POE Chaos Orb. The maximum number of slots and links in a piece of equipment is 6. Of course, it is not ruled out that some equipment comes with the function of an auxiliary skill stone. There are many similar equipment that players can explore in the game by themselves. The higher the level of the gem, the better the bonus effect it can bring you. If the player door lacks gems, you can go to to buy, you can buy the cheapest POE Items and gems here!