Ready quarterback: Madden 20 beta release June 14

The first closed beta version of Madden NFL 20 will be available on June 14 and will last until June 16, allowing football fans to officially launch their next game before the series on August 2.

Please note that all football fans: if EA play participants Park in front of the Madden booth, they can enter, but everyone else has to find the code, because the code sent on EA and madden social media accounts from June 10 according to EA's blog post, as of June 14.

What can be played in the beta? In addition to the fans' favorite Madden ultimate team and the new solo mode, face of the French: QB1 campaign, which replaced the longshot mode of the first two games, has nothing. You will only be able to play with five powerful teams: the Kansas City Chiefs, the Los Angeles Rams, the New England Patriots and the New Orleans Saints.

What's new with Madden 20?

In addition to franchise face and the expanded Madden ultimate team, Madden 20 has many new features for you to use in the beta. Pro Bowl has paid off, the normal franchise model has returned, and the following new features have been added, which is better than ever.

Elite players have also gained a new category to reflect their extraordinary real-life abilities. 50 players will be considered Superstars: once you meet certain conditions on the field, their X-factor special function will activate, giving you an advantage - although other X-factor functions may compete with them.

There are also other improvements in the quality of life, such as 220 new passing options, new unique formations, new chance of MUT 20 coins and signature animations that mimic the real iterative process, passing to players and teams, specifically to certain ways of carrying the ball . Madden plans to update scripts and animations during the regular season, so if you see wild new scripts, they may be available in Madden 20 later.

It's shameful not to be able to access two of the more exciting new features of Madden 20, which may appear in future beta. Before that, pay close attention to the relevant code on social media.

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