Have you ever wanted extra storage space or maybe an office? How you ever thought about building a flat pack container? There are many benefits for choosing to assemble a flat pack container.

1. No Limits - There are just no limits, you can literally have your container built anywhere, and in many different sizes and colours. There is a flat pack to be built for every situation!

2. Quick Assembly - Some of the smaller units can be made in around in less than 30 minutes with no tools required.

3. Light Weight - Another great feature is that they are lightweight and transportable. You also have the ability to move from site to site without needing large transport. You can move many flat pack containers at one time with one small truck or trailer. Ideal for a site where access is difficult, this can also help eliminate those high transportation costs.

4. Versatile - Lots of people use flat pack containers for many interesting ideas from garden sheds and offices, to even turning them into huts to watch the horse racing.

5. No Rust - These Flat packs are made from fully galvanised steel, which is great as this means there will be no rusting which is always a positive!

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