Previous NBA player Rex Everett Chapman, affectionately recognized as Ruler Rex, was truly a big name in Kentucky during the 1980s. Brought into the world to Wayne Chapman, who was an ABA player and mentor at Kentucky Wesleyan School, he acquired Mr. Ball respects when he was a senior at Apollo Secondary School in Owensboro.

Rex was likewise a valued enroll at the College of Kentucky. He was an expert player who scored 1,000 focuses by playing in only two seasons for the college. He had a place with a period when school players seldom left the school, yet he entered the NBA draft resulting to his sophomore season and got a first round draft pick of the Charlotte Hornets. Having burned through 12 years in the professionals, he wound up with the Phoenix Suns in 2002.

During his profession, he had gone through 10 surgeries that left him reliant upon solution narcotics. He as of late talked at the College of Southern Indiana about his long fight with narcotic dependence, restoration and recuperation.

Dependence on OxyContin, Vicodin and Suboxone

Rex was prestigious for being an extraordinary leaper, however he couldn't necessarily nail the finishes as he was tormented with lower leg and leg wounds. On an excursion to the NBA last season, he was hospitalized for a crisis appendectomy. Following, he was recommended OxyContin. Since he was very little into drinking, he had no clue about what the sensation of high was. Yet, things changed with OxyContin. In somewhere around 48 hours of taking the medication, he was snared.

Around then, the star was managing a difficult marriage and approaching the finish of his profession. So with the recommended drug, he felt freed. OxyContin additionally made him more took part in friendly responsibilities. However, things were not that great as he had longed for. Rex's life was on a descending twisting, as he did things he had never envisioned and turned into some other man who was totally dependent.

He took OxyContin for about a year, yet upon the demand of previous NBA player Danny Ainge, he entered a recovery in Arizona. At the point when gotten some information about his enslavement issue at the recovery, he shared that he was requiring 40 Vicodin pills and 9 OxyContin a day. He realized it was a supernatural occurrence that he was as yet alive.Buy Suboxone online