Over the 16 years that Facebook has been in the market, there have been different ways in which people can connect with other people on the application and even after so many years, the application is still ruling the roster for the best social media applications. 

The “Add Friend” button on the application has been one of the best features that people can use as this allows them to add anyone as their friend however if at any moment you cannot see this button and wonder why cant i add someone on Facebook then, this is the guide for you where you can learn how to add someone as your friend.

What is the reason behind the disappearance of the “add friend” button?

It is common for people to wonder why can’t i add someone on Fb when they do not see the ‘add friend’ option. Well, if you are thinking about the same then, let me tell you the main reason why Facebook does not allow you to add any more friends. 

You have reached the friend limit on the application

There is a limit on the application which states that you can only add 5,000 people to your account and if you have reached this limit then, you will not be able to add any more people to your account. If you still want to add more people then, the only method that you can use is to change your Facebook account to a Facebook page. 

Change in the settings of the Facebook account 

Another very common reason why can’t i add friend someone on Facebook is because of Facebook settings. If the other person has changed their account settings to only allow friends of friends to send friend requests then, you will not be able to add the person to your account if you don't have any mutual friend between you.