A great skill that every veteran takes advantage of Dark And Darker Gold is the crouch jump: hit the Spacebar and quickly press Ctrl to gain extra height to your jump. This ability allows you to stand on objects your normal jump can’t reach, or to explore various nooks and crannies from above for a stealthier approach.

Abusing the crouch jump messes with the simple enemy AI, many monsters won’t know what to do with you standing atop a barrel. This is the perfect opportunity to freely swing, shoot, or sling spells at ease. In PvP, this is great for mixing up your position while the enemy aims for your noggin.

Speaking of noggins, always, and we mean always, aim for the head of the enemy. You can inflict nearly double the damage depending on the weapon you’re using, and given how fast an encounter can go south, you’ll always want to end things quickly. 

This aiming method works for both PvP and PvE enemies, so get used to aiming high and managing your weapon’s attack trajectories so you can hit those angles.

Pay careful attention to the audio in Dark and Darker as you can hear an audible difference between the types of armor, weapons, footsteps, and spells players are using. Learning the differences between each type of sound will be paramount to your survival and preparation for any incoming encounters.

A good ear will buy Dark And Darker Gold let you identify whether a nearby teammate is weakened and ready to be ambushed. You may need to run in a different direction if you hear a hulking barbarian or fighter in full plate clanking towards your little rogue self.