In actual activities, hunting is divided into two aspects: professional hunting and amateur hunting.


Professional hunting

Professional hunting is also called productive hunting. Hunters who specialize in hunting production are called professional hunters. Professional hunters do not engage in other jobs during hunting. However, due to different local conditions and different flexibility and changes, professional hunters are divided into two types: perennial and seasonal.


Amateur hunting

Hunting, also called sports hunting, is a special amateur activity. Amateur hunting can satisfy the special interests of amateur hunters. It is a very meaningful activity to exercise, obtain some hunting products such as hares, pheasants, and wild ducks, and improve the lives of hunters. However, amateur hunters should also hunt according to the rules and should not hunt indiscriminately without organization or leadership.


To obtain prey, hunters must use certain hunting tools and certain hunting methods to achieve the purpose of hunting birds and animals. Hunting methods and hunting tools both belong to the category of hunting technology. Hunting tools refer to the hunting tools used by hunters to hunt wild animals, including hunting dogs, raptors, game birds, various automatic hunting tools, etc.; hunting methods refer to the means used by hunters to hunt birds and beasts, such as round hunting, Hunting, ambush, hiding, luring, treasure hunter, etc.


To obtain food, humans in primitive societies had to find ways to hunt wild animals. When agriculture and animal husbandry were sufficiently developed to meet human needs, hunting took on many meanings. You can train troops, entertain, and even select talents.