Tractor is a vehicle and Farmers attach different Implements time to time to make their work easier. It’s Attached to the PTO.  Rotavator is an implement which is used for Soil Preparation like digging the soil and mixing it. This process is really important for better Framing. There are many Rotavator manufacturer Brands available in India, Fieldking Rotavator is one of the Best in Indian market. The Fieldking Rotavator Price in India is between INR 65,000 lakhs to INR 2.00 lakhs.

The Fieldking Rotavator can be connected to range tractors with 15 HP to 90 HP. The working width of these machines ranges from 800 mm to 2750 mm. They had options for L, C, and J blades. It has a side gear type of transmission. The weight range for this Rotavator is 170 to 630 kg. This Rotavator makes use of Boron Steel Blades. Its helically arranged blades reduce tractor load and enable cost-effective tillage, which is a good thing.

The Fieldking Rotavator is available in various sizes, including 6 feet and 7 feet, and has more than 40 blades. So, if anyone is interested in learning the cost of a Fieldking Rotavator that is 6 feet or 7 feet long, they should go to Tractorkarvan, the Best Online Platform for Tractors. Here Farmers can go and buy any model of Rotavator because they are all available.