Over the years, many factors have led to subtle changes in the design of some jewelry paper bags in the Packaging plant, and the needs of many partners have begun to spread at this point, but they often do not know some small knowledge, resulting in the deviation of the whole batch of Packaging and Printing effect or cannot achieve the effect it should have. The simplest is that many partners will choose hot blue and hot rose gold, especially in the last three years, is really a very popular choice, so if you want to research the deep knowledge of hot printing, how should you choose?

First, we need to determine whether the paper material we use to make the tote bag is adaptable. Many small partners will listen to the suggestion of the paper bag factory, and use the very popular touch paper as the material of the handbag, which has caused some problems. Not to mention China's most circulating hot stamping paper, even imported hot stamping paper, if not specially treated hot stamping paper, will fall off. This is because the factors that touch the surface of the paper are closely related. Ordinary hot stamping paper can not be used on touch paper, that is, if the material selected in the design of the jewelry paper bag is touch paper, which means that the matching hot stamping paper required should also be relatively upgraded

Many experts may not know that the production efficiency of high-grade hot stamping paper imported from Europe and the United States is much slower than that of our custom made in China. In addition to the problem of road, more than 30 days of travel absolutely can not run away. Moreover, if this imported hot printing paper is not a very strange color, such as hot green, hot pink, hot blue, these are not common, so it takes not a little time.

Therefore, if the factory has been designing jewelry paper bags for many years, it is heard that some special paper should be used as a material, and the hot printing process should be used, which will generally be prepared for a long time, because the hot printing material can not be bought too much at a time, and the effect of hot printing should be compared. Therefore, if you are a little anxious, it is recommended to use ordinary paper coated paper as the main material, because the advantages of strong adaptability and sufficient stock will greatly shorten the construction period.

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