Shooting at the range is a very interesting thing. This article will introduce the process and experience of shooting at the range.


Before you start, learn the safety instructions and precautions on the video. Then go to the counter to register your identity information, then select a gun, confirm the gun, and buy bullets. The shooting range will provide ear protection and goggles, and the venue requires that you wear ear protection and goggles when entering the shooting range.


After entering the shooting range, the staff will emphasize the rules again. The most important points are as follows:

1. You cannot hold a gun while turning around and looking behind you. The muzzle of the gun can only be pointed at the target in front.

2. When the gun is not in use, place it on the target with the muzzle facing the target.

3. Never point your gun at others or yourself at any time.

4. Do not put your finger on the trigger until you are ready to fire or after you have finished shooting.

5. For guns with safety, turn off the safety when not in use.


During the shooting process, the staff will always observe from behind to prevent dangerous situations from occurring. If there is a problem, such as not knowing how to use it, the gun jamming, etc., you can ask the staff for help. When you need to ask a question, put the gun muzzle outward on the target table, and then ask the staff to come over and explain.


The next step is to provide a target paper, which is then fixed to the moving target. We can adjust the distance of the target according to our own level. Generally, there will be an electronic screen for you to input the distance, and then the target will automatically move to the corresponding distance.


Usually, when we watch videos, we think shooting is simple and easy to aim. But for people who have never been exposed to firearms, the recoil of the firearm is too strong and it is impossible to aim at the target paper. Even when shooting with both hands, novices will frequently miss the target. Even people who have practiced shooting for a long time will often miss the target when shooting at long-distance targets.


The above is a range shooting experience. I hope the above information will be helpful to you when shooting or hunting.