With the increasing use of gadgets such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones by students, it is quite evident that today’s education system is saturated in technology. Everything, from elementary school to colleges and universities, is on a fast track to automation.

After all, mobile devices have taken over every industry and it was only a matter of time until they infiltrated the classrooms too. These days, schools and colleges impart education through interactive digital mediums, smart learning techniques, and eLearning portals. More importantly, students now have the opportunity to pursue their education from anywhere in the world, making education much more simple and more accessible. And in order to support this transition from whiteboards to handheld devices, schools are also adopting MDM (Mobile Device Management) solutions for the seamless deployment of digital learning among students. 

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Auro24 – Apple MDM For Education

Apple devices have made their mark in Education IT and have proven to be a popular choice for students all around the globe. Auro24 is an Apple device management solution that is designed to help schools and educational institutions make this transition easy and effective. With our affordable MDM plans you can kick start your mobility efforts and expand your device capacities in one go. Having a device management tool such as Auro24 in your toolbox can help your institution provide better education, facilities, and opportunities to your students. It helps to:

Improve The Learning Environment

Whether it be assignments or study materials everything can now be exchanged digitally. Auro24 makes it possible for digital learning to be easy and secure. Educators can even share the class lectures back to back with the students and they won’t even miss out on a single thing just because they were absent at school that particular day. You can publish and share educational apps, digital textbooks, quizzes, academic papers, and presentations instantly on all your devices. It has undoubtedly assisted students to engage in immersive and interactive learning modules that are more effective than conventional textbook learning.

It also allows you to use broadcast messaging to share important updates instantly on all enrolled devices. For example, if there has been a change in the schedule of classes or an exam date has been rescheduled; all these things can be conveyed to students via the one-way communication feature in our user-friendly dashboard.

Along with that, you can turn your apple devices into handheld kiosks that streamline operations for students and faculty members all the same. You can use your iPads, iPhones, and Macs as dedicated kiosks that can be used as biometric attendance systems, digital survey forms, wayfinders around the school premises, etc. 

Enforce Security and Policies

With Auro24 in place, digital learning no longer has to imply sacrificing security or academic focus.

When it comes to remote learning, there’s no doubt that mobile devices are an integral part of the experience. They provide a way to access course content, collaborate, and share ideas, as well as access information when you’re away from your classroom desk. However, safety and security concerns can arise when students use mobile devices for learning in the classroom. The good news is that there are ways for teachers and other educators to ensure the security of their students’ devices while also giving them a great experience during class time.

This Apple mobile device management solution can help you ensure the security of your learning environment within the classroom or outside of it. In addition to helping prevent malware, viruses, and other threats from infecting your systems, Auro24 can provide detection and blocking capabilities that will help prevent data breaches and theft. They can also help with the prevention of data loss or leakage—a serious concern when it comes to remote learning facilities. It provides: 

  • Encryption and passcode policy to better manage accessibility and authorization.
  • Remote data wipe-out to protect confidential data in case of device theft or loss.
  • Kiosk lockdown mode to restrict access to unsafe and unwanted apps and websites. 

Enable Remote and Centralized Management 

Allowing remote management of your mobile devices in real-time when needed is critical for educational institutions that give up a lot of control when deploying mobile devices.

Auro24 provides an easy way for IT administrators to manage their users’ devices from anywhere at any time from a unified console. This helps them keep track of who has access to what within the organization without having to manually manage each individual device manually every time a new student enrolls or gets promoted to another class. Educators can: 

  • Remotely troubleshoot malfunctioning devices to avoid system downtime during lectures.
  • Silently publish, update or remove Apple store apps or in-house apps to device groups and profiles.
  • Have access to the real-time location of devices and where they are used.
  • Have peripheral control over your fleet of devices and restrict connectivity to unknown Bluetooth, WiFi, speakers, etc.
  • Implement containerization to securely establish BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) practices.
  • Provide limited device control to end-users by disabling hardware buttons ( such as volume buttons, power on/off buttons) and software settings (such as brightness, notifications, status bar, etc)
  • Disable incoming/ outgoing calls from all or selective numbers.

This is why several educational institutes have started using Apple Mobile Device Management (MDM) software for enabling easy deployment and management of students’ mobile devices without any hassle.With MDM, organizations have access to a centralized platform that can enforce security policies and restrictions on their students personally owned or school issued mobile devices over the air. This allows for more secure access to sensitive information while still allowing students the freedom of mobility. In addition to protecting your organization from cyberattacks and other threats, you’ll be able to enforce strict guidelines regarding the use of mobile devices within the premises of the school or outside of it.

Having such control over mobile devices is slowly changing the hesitation of education systems to adopt mobile devices in their academic approach. Auro24 can be your one-stop solution to leverage the advantages of tech-driven learning for your students that are looking for only the best for their academic futures.

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