Apple devices have always been a personal favourite for most business teams. But managing Apple mobile devices has been an ongoing battle for most IT departments as it can be so challenging to get it right. But once you do, the impact can be profound. So how can we really achieve this without breaking the bank?

Your answer lies in deploying an Apple MDM solution. However, simply finding any MDM solution to manage your Apple devices is not enough, there are so many options in the market that it is easy to become overwhelmed. Your business deserves the best Apple MDM solution available out there and in this blog, we’ll go over the checklist of features that the best MDM solutions have to offer. Choosing the best MDM Apple MDM solution can be the launchpad for your business’s success.

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Look out for the following features that are included in the best Apple MDM solution:

Kiosk Lockdown Mode

Mobile devices nowadays have an endless number of features and functionalities, but not all of them are appropriate for a work environment. Employees are notorious for misusing corporate devices for undesirable activities such as streaming movies, playing video games, surfing the web, downloading unsafe apps and websites, and so on, which not only puts your devices at risk of security but also destroys focus and productivity. This could be the easiest way for your company to waste valuable time, resources, and money. 

To address this, a good MDM solution allows you to use your mobile devices in kiosk mode, which lets you to:

  • Strictly enable essential apps only. 

  • Whitelist/ blacklist websites.

  • Restrict access to unwanted and unsafe apps and websites.

  • Turn your device into a dedicated single-app kiosk mode or multi-app kiosk mode.

Geofence Location Tracking

Having real-time access to the location of your devices can be a game-changer on many fronts for a business. The GPS technology not only serves as a security measure but also allows your business to be alerted about device usage and employees’ whereabouts at all times. You can define virtual boundaries for your devices to work within, and if your device leaves this predefined space, your IT administrators will be notified for immediate action.

Remote Troubleshooting

We’ve all seen IT administrators struggle with support requests, system debugging, maintenance work, project deadlines, and so on. An overburdened IT team is one of the main concerns for businesses that take up mobility. As system malfunctions and technical issues are unavoidable, the operational efficiency and productivity of your employees take a direct hit. 

Being able to remotely access and troubleshoot your devices can be a lifesaver for IT administrators. A solid MDM solution enables you to address system malfunctions, technical issues, and errors immediately, allowing your employees to experience minimal system downtime. IT administrators can remotely diagnose and troubleshoot any issue in real-time, keeping workflow smooth and uninterrupted.

Bulk Enrollment Of Devices

Whether your firm has 5 or 5,000 devices, enrolling them with an MDM server can be a tricky process.  

As businesses adapt, change, and scale, IT teams may find it frustrating to enroll devices time and again with the chosen MDM solution. It can be time-consuming and labour-intensive to set up devices repeatedly , costing businesses valuable time, effort, and resources.

The best MDM solutions however offer bulk enrollment of your devices over the air, which means you can easily set up your fleet of mobile devices with little to no physical interaction. With flexible enrollment options such as:

  • Bulk Enrollment

  • Self Enrollment

  • User Invites

  • Apple Business Manager (ABM)

  • Apple Configurator

 you can ensure the entire onboarding process for any Mac or iOS is quick and painless. With all that, the best MDM solution offers zero-touch deployment for all your Apple devices to be enrolled straight out of the box.

Security Configurations

Employees using multiple devices at work on a daily basis is nothing new these days. These devices are no longer simply stationary PCs; they are smartphones, tablets, laptops, IoT devices, and rugged devices that move in and out of your offices. When remote work and BYOD approaches are thrown into the mix, corporate data appears to be accessed, distributed and exchanged in a million different ways every day. Because of this dispersed use of confidential corporate data, the risks of device data breaches, cybersecurity risks, device theft, and loss have increased.

Any smart business, regardless of size or type, prioritizes a secure work environment. An Apple MDM solution should primarily provide an additional layer of security and protection for mobile devices to achieve this. You can: 

  • Remotely wipe out all data from your devices in case the device is stolen or lost. 

  • Enforce passcode authorizations and data encryption.

  • Allow/ restrict incoming and outgoing calls from specific numbers or countries.

  • Disable hardware buttons (power button and volume buttons).

  • Hide the status bar, notifications, unknown network connections, and peripheral devices.

  • Manage access control and disable device setting modifications.

  • Schedule maintenance and update OS and apps on time.

Reports & Audits 

The best Apple MDM solution helps you review and download detailed reports on all your managed devices. The in-depth data can be valuable in better decision-making,  managing, and controlling your mobile devices in workspaces. It can also detect loopholes, problem areas and bottlenecks to streamline operations, reduce costs and boost productivity. You can retrieve data on:

  • System and app updates

  • Battery history

  • Data consumption and WiFi usage

  • Location tracking logs 

  • Storage usage

  • File transfers

  • Device screen time

With the best Apple MDM solution, control is forwarded to IT administrators, leaving end users with little liberty.It ensures consistency across your Apple ecosystem, which would be difficult, if not impossible, to achieve without a device management solution. Having all of these features in your toolbox can make managing Apple devices a breeze. Auro24 includes all of these features and more to help your company stand out among competitors and customers. Today, take advantage of the best features that an MDM has to offer, all within our affordable price ranges and simple dashboard. We are always available to assist you.

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