With the rising cases of cybersecurity breaches occurring around the world, locking out certain apps in kiosk mode in a mobile-first work environment is a safety net that all businesses desperately need. Kiosk mode is a security setting that allows users to configure their iOS device to limit what apps can be used on the mobile device. When this mode is enabled, your iOS device will have restricted functionality and will not allow users to configure certain settings as well as block unwanted or unsafe app downloads. With this level of control, kiosk mode can help to prevent data loss or theft, as well as unauthorized device infiltration or changes to your apps. You can ensure that only authorized personnel have access to essential apps and that they’re always up and running.

But what if I tell you that you can completely transform your whole Apple device into a typical kiosk with a simple single-app kiosk mode configuration?

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What is single app kiosk mode?

A single app kiosk mode is a configuration in which a mobile device is locked down to run only one single app. That app is typically either a custom-developed app or a commercial app that has been configured for use in a kiosk environment. It makes sure that the devices are intended for specific use and prevents users from accessing other applications or files on the device.

Single-app kiosk mode is often used to provide a dedicated, purpose-built device for a specific use case, such as digital signage or a self-service kiosk. It can also be used to create a dedicated device for an individual user, such as a shared device in an office or a school-issued tablet. This mode can be easily configured on your iPads and any other Apple devices over the air using a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution like Auro24.

Auro24 restricts the device from running any other application and one specific application is typically configured to launch automatically every time the device reboots. It is typically either full-screen or has been designed to hide the iOS navigation and status bars. The regular device features such as hardware buttons (power button, volume buttons, etc.), screen rotation, incoming/outgoing calls, and WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity are disabled. This way, end-users are limited to using the device for a specific function and are not even allowed to make basic changes to brightness, audio levels, notifications, alerts, etc to completely eliminate chances of device tampering or misuse in any way. Auro24 allows you can manage the single app kiosk mode with:

  • Remote access and configuration to app permissions and policies.

  • Remote device diagnosis and troubleshooting.

  • Real-time access to location tracking.

  • Web-based kiosk lockdown mode.

  • User authentication, encryption, and passcode policy.

  • Remote wipe-out of data.

  • Overview of detailed device reports. 

  • Remote installation, update, or removal of apps.

  • Customized lock screen or home screen.

The advantages of having your iPad as a single app kiosk:

  • Cost: The cost of a mobile device is much less than any other form of hardware or device to run software or application, which means that you can save a lot of money. SMEs can digitalize their operations and processes without needing heavy investments in conventional kiosks such as self-service kiosks or digital signages. 

  • Portability: iOS devices are handhelds that you can take anywhere with you and use as kiosks wherever there is internet connectivity.

  • Ease of use: You won’t have to install, configure and learn a new hardware system. Because your employees and customers are already used to using tablets and smartphones in their personal lives, there will be no learning curve.

In the digital age, the benefits of implementing a single app kiosk mode for businesses are innumerable as every one of your competitors is trying to digitalize their operations. By limiting access to only one app, businesses can prevent employees from accessing sensitive data or downloading malware and viruses onto company devices so perhaps the most obvious benefit is that it helps to improve security and prevent data breaches. But single app kiosk mode can do so much more to expand the mobility capabilities of your business. It can help to increase productivity by ensuring that employees can only access the apps that they need for their work. This can minimize distractions and help employees to focus on their tasks. 

How Does Auro24 Lock Mobile Devices Into Single App Mode?

iOS devices can be locked down into a single app mode from the Auro24 dashboard by following the simple steps outlined below.

Step 1: Enroll and sign up your iPad device OR sign in to your Auro24 Portal.

Step 2: Go to Device Management > Create New Profile OR Go to an Existing Device Profile.

Step 3: Select Edit > Applications.

Step 4: Select +Choose Application.

Step 5: Choose the application you require. As an example, consider the Biometrics attendance application.

Step 6: From the drop-down menu, select Install Type > Kiosk

Step 7: Save the changes.

Auro24 enables your business to use your regular iPads in dynamic ways, maximizing productivity as well as profitability with little to no effort., Facilitates remote access to your devices, ensures compliance with security policies, creates work profiles, enables BYOD policies, push apps according to the device needs and manage your entire fleet of Apple device ecosystem under one platform with Auro24

Accessing unknown apps and websites can especially be a risky affair for customer-facing devices that are placed in public places and are exposed to a good deal of people on a daily basis. It can also be equally interruptive and distracting at a workplace for your employees. The benefits of mobility are clear, but the lack of control over their users can be a serious issue for businesses. The main premise of Auro24 is to help improve the security and efficiency of your business. With this in mind, we hope that you will find this blog post to be helpful as you explore how to unlock the potential of your iPad when used in kiosk mode.

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