iPads are a great addition to many workplaces around the world. Thanks to their versatility and multi-functional platform, they can be incredible for work or play. On one hand, they enable employees to be more efficient and productive, but on the other hand, they can also make your employees unproductive and distracted. One of the main obstacles most businesses face when using iPads is their inability to manage this paradox. 

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What is the point of deploying iPads at your workplace if it defeats the whole purpose of getting the work done?

As a business owner in the age of digitalization, your employees misusing their work devices for entertainment or personal use is probably one of your biggest concerns right now. One quick personal phone call, one short video on the web, one scroll through your social media, or one text message to a friend might not seem like much harm but getting carried away is easy even for the most hardworking person in the room. And when all of it adds up, you already have a security or productivity crisis looming over your head.

To mitigate these risks, businesses need to deploy a good Apple mobile device management solution with kiosk capabilities. 

Besides not allowing users to alter the settings, kiosk modes are best to lock down a device so end-user can access only essential apps on the device. By doing this, employees cannot risk messing with the business’s policies, security measures, and default settings. Auro24 is a simple yet dynamic Apple mobile device management (MDM) in this aspect, which can be used to fully manage Apple devices with app restrictions and access controls. 

The kiosk mode’s primary purpose is to limit the end-user to use of the device for its intended function. The restrictive lockdown modes possible through the Auro24 MDM solution limit the authority for end-users to tamper with device settings, visit any unsafe websites or engage with unnecessary applications. You can exercise enterprise-level application management that lets you set up a list of approved apps and configure it with specific device profiles. You can segregate work profiles on the basis of departments, projects, or teams and push apps according to those job roles. 

This way you can push only relevant apps to the specific device profiles and also manage and install in-house apps from the dashboard itself.

The kick here is that you don’t have to be a tech-savvy individual to enable your business to leverage their Mac and iOS devices to their maximum potential. Auro24 uses a simple interface that can quickly take over your mobility responsibilities and automate the majority of your IT team’s rigorous and demanding tasks. 

When your Apple devices are managed by Auro24, you can easily turn your regular iPads into dedicated purpose-specific devices that run only pre-approved apps and restrict employees from spiraling into a Netflix binge or hours of doom scrolling at eats up their valuable work time. 

Enabling iPad kiosk mode can be a game-changer for businesses looking to adopt: 

  • Remote or hybrid work culture

  • BYOD, COPE, or COBO approaches

  • Customer-facing mobile kiosks

  • Digital signages

Auro24’s Kiosk Lockdown Mode Offers: 

Access to essential apps only

All kinds of enterprise or commercial apps are available today. There are multiple choices and features that each one has to offer to its users. But in a work setting, only selected work-related apps are truly needed to streamline operations. You can configure pre-approved apps on your iPads where Auro24 gives you the flexibility of:

You can configure pre approved apps on your iPads where Auro24 gives you the flexibility of: 

Single app mode: This mode allows only one specific app or whitelisted website to run on the device. The device reopens to the same app or website after each reboot. 

Perfect for single-purpose iPads such as

  • mPOS (Point Of Sale) systems that use the mPOS application for payment processing.

  • Biometrics attendance system that only collects login and logout time of your employees.

  • Feedback forms or surveys that are recorded on online websites (eg: google forms).

  • Product catalogs or descriptions that showcase gallery photos.

Multi-app mode: This mode allows you to run multiple apps in a single device which caters to multiple use cases. Perfect for devices that cater to broader job roles such as: 

  • Guest in-room tablets in hotels and casinos.

  • iPads used in physical and virtual classrooms.

  • Health monitoring devices. 

  • Air-menus and order placement kiosks.

Compliance with security policies

With kiosk mode, you can avoid the risks associated with the unsafe internet habits of your employees. Accessing unsafe websites and downloading unwanted apps can make your iPad devices vulnerable to a plethora of viruses, malware, hackers, and many more data breaches and cybersecurity risks. 

However, Auro24 enables control over device settings, restrictions of URLs and app access, and disabling peripheral device connectivity ( such as WiFi, and Bluetooth) that can secure your confidential data and network system. It also notifies IT admins when any device is out of compliance with a certain set of policies, helping you take prompt action before the device is infiltrated. 

Comprehensive reports 

The unified dashboard also gives you a detailed report of your devices to help with your app management. You can overview the app version, storage capacity, subscription reports, battery history, screen time, and much more right from the dashboard. You can also schedule app updates to ensure all devices are working with the latest app versions. This way, you no longer have to manually keep track of all the apps that are installed on your devices.

Custom lock screen/home screen

You can also customize all your iPad lock screen to display the company logo or wallpaper uniformly. The home screen can also be customized to display selective apps and even in-house enterprise apps ensuring a streamlined experience for both employees and customers.

Website whitelisting/blacklisting

Along with apps, you can also whitelist websites that are relevant to your business and then block access to any URL that is not in that given list. This is called website whitelisting. Likewise, you can also blacklist certain websites that can be risky or distracting for end-users and the device automatically provides access to only those URLs that are not on the list. The website kiosk is particularly beneficial for businesses that want you to use their iPads to showcase a particular website or provide access to limited web pages in a device. 

Bottom Line 

Kiosk mode is a useful setting for limiting access to sensitive files and apps on your iOS devices that are used within the four walls of your business establishments or outside of it. You can prevent hackers from retrieving corporate Apple ID passwords or accessing confidential data as well as your employee’s productivity from taking a dip during work hours. The kiosk lockdown mechanism of an agile device management solution like Auro24 keeps users safe when using multifaceted mobile devices such as the iPad. If you want to make the most out of the iOS and Mac devices used at your workplace too then feel free to contact us at Auro24 today.

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