As a beginner to an experienced player, I thought fishing was very simple at first, and as long as I had the equipment, I could catch fish quickly. But choosing fishing equipment is not a simple matter. Here are some suggestions for beginners to avoid wasting money.


Fishing rod

Choose a 4.5-meter or 5.4-meter fishing rod. Choose one of them, and those with financial means can buy them all. For beginners, the above two lengths of rods are completely sufficient. On the one hand, it is easier to throw bait and it is less likely to fly bait all over the sky, so you can quickly practice the feel and skills of throwing the rod; on the other hand, it is more controllable, so as a novice, you can fish. It will be easier when throwing bait or fishing, and it will not be easy for fish to escape; in addition, the safety factor is high, and it will not get hung up on trees, injure others, or hook yourself when throwing bait or swinging the pole.


Fishing box

Choose a fishing box with a large capacity, which can hold many scattered things, including fishing lines, fish hooks, bait, small medicines, etc., and even your own dry food (drinks, water, food, etc.). And it should be easy to carry and not carry a lot of big and small bags;


Fishing chair

The fishing chair is lightweight and easy to carry. You can choose to bring a backpack, so you don’t have to worry about long distances for wild fishing. Secondly, it is more comfortable to sit;



Parasols must be UV-resistant, and it is best to choose brighter colors, otherwise, they will easily attract mosquitoes in summer and autumn. One with a diameter of 1.8 meters is enough. It usually comes with a ground plug, and it is also recommended to use a ground plug for support.


Fishing line

Whether to buy the main line or the sub-line depends on the situation, but you must prepare an extra main line (generally a few meters of it can be purchased directly). The sub-line can be purchased directly as a finished line with a fishhook.


Small sundries

Scissors, space beans, floating seats, figure eight rings, lead sheets, lead seats, fish hook removers, etc. These things are not very expensive and you can prepare some in case of emergency. It is best to prepare an accessory box to put all these scattered things.


Fish float

You can prepare 3 fish floats (including 1 luminous float). For daylight floats, you can choose one with a larger lead capacity and one with a smaller lead capacity.


Headlamp or flashlight

You must choose the same one, it can be used for wild fishing and platform fishing.