The term “frontline workers” refers to those employees who interact directly with customers or clients. They are always first in the line of contact. It comprises a wide spectrum of people, from delivery drivers, warehouse workers, store associates, and sales executives to doctors, nurses, firefighters, and teachers. They all have different job roles, but all of them have a common denominator: they are all customer-focused and rely heavily on mobile devices to do their jobs and serve their customers. Healthcare workers, for example, can use mobile devices to access patient records, input data in real-time, monitor health, and communicate with other medical professionals. Similarly, retail workers can use mobile devices to check inventory levels, process payments, and access customer information.

In our technology-driven world, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have transformed the way frontline workers perform their jobs, allowing them to access information quickly, communicate effectively, and complete tasks more efficiently. However, it is important to understand that implementing digital technologies means that companies must not only ensure that workers use their mobile devices appropriately but also keep data privacy and security practices a priority. The simplest way for businesses to achieve this is to implement an agile device management solution that allows their frontline workers to thrive in a mobile-first work environment.

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Kiosk Lockdown mode For Frontline Workers

Auro24 is an Apple device management solution that is designed to automate and manage your fleet of iOS and Macs and mitigate the challenges that come with it. It comes with a powerful kiosk mode tool that allows organizations to control and secure their mobile devices all from a unified console. So, what exactly is kiosk mode? 

Kiosk mode is a mobile device management (MDM) feature that allows companies to securely place their mobile devices in a locked state so that they are unable to access unknown or unsafe apps and websites or perform any unauthorized actions.

Frontline workers spend a lot of time on their mobile devices in the course of a workday—whether it’s checking email, collecting data, sharing files, or taking conference calls. A mobile device management solution secures your workforce’s devices and makes sure that sensitive data is kept safe from viruses, hackers, or malware infections.

With kiosk mode enabled, an employee can only access relevant apps and websites on their devices. You can configure mobile phones or tablets to allow only the applications you need on them. This means that if you don’t use an application, then it will be restricted to access any of your data on the device. This way employees can be sure that the device will be secure from data leaks, breaches, and cybersecurity risks. Auro24 offers two dynamic kiosk lockdown modes to fit the specific needs of a business:

Single app mode: This mode restricts the device to run only one application, which is typically a mission-critical application for the organization. This mode is ideal for situations where the device is dedicated to a single task, such as scanning barcodes, gaining access to inventory management systems, or monitoring equipment. Frontline workers cannot switch to other applications or settings when using single-app kiosk mode, ensuring that they remain focused on their work.

Multi-app mode: This mode, on the other hand, enables organizations to configure the device to run a set of apps in a controlled environment. This mode is useful for organizations where frontline workers must use multiple applications to complete their tasks. Healthcare personnel, for example, may need to access a patient’s medical history record, a medication tracking system, and a communication tool all from the same device. Multi-app kiosk mode is useful for organizations that need to give their frontline workers flexibility while still maintaining control over the device and its usage.

By preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data and applications on the device, kiosk mode adds an extra layer of security while ensuring that the devices are strictly used for work purposes only. Along with that, the Auro24 kiosk mode offers: 

Improved productivity: By restricting access to only essential applications and functions, kiosk mode assists frontline workers in remaining focused on their core tasks while reducing the risk of distractions or time-wasting activities. Misuse of the internet and mobile applications such as social media platforms, video games, and streaming websites are completely off the table, and workers are focused on their work. 

Enhanced security: In addition to the restrictive kiosk lockdown feature, security policies like password authentication policy, data encryption, factory reset protection, and remote data wipeout can strengthen the data privacy and network infrastructure of your business, even for your frontline employees who are always on the run.

Effective communication: It is critical for these remote workers to have an effective line of communication. With kiosk mode, you can streamline your devices to configure relevant apps and communication tools for your frontline employees. You can enable broadcast messaging to send instant announcements and updates to reach out to a large number of people at the same time. This creates a collaborative environment for your frontline workers and allows them to always be up-to-date, connected, and informed. 

Simplified device management: With kiosk mode, organizations can centrally manage and configure mobile devices, relieving frontline workers of the burden of configuring and maintaining their devices. The device management solution provides a centralized platform to automate routine tasks and manage OS updates, software patches, app installation or removal, regulation compliance, and real-time location tracking to name a few. This saves time and ensures consistency throughout the organization.

Customizable user interface: Kiosk mode allows organizations to customize the device’s user interface to match their branding. It enables organizations to tailor the device’s user interface to the specific needs and workflows of frontline workers. This can improve usability and reduce errors, resulting in a better user experience overall.

What Auro24 Brings To The Table?

By enrolling your Apple devices with Auro24 and implementing kiosk mode, organizations can prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data and applications, minimize the risk of data breaches and other security threats, and enhance the productivity of their workforce. They can empower their frontline employees as well as save costs in one go. Additionally, it provides a wide range of device management features and functionality, such as website whitelisting, device lockdown, remote management, device profile configurations, and reporting. So, if you are unsure where or how, to begin with remote device management of your frontline workers, Auro24 might be a start.

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