Passengers may be required to talk to their airline service provider at any point of time during their journey. Suppose you are traveling with American Airlines, and you are unable to change your flight online. You need to contact American Airlines. You need not think: What is the best way to contact American Airlines? Calling is the primary and best way to contact American Airlines as you get your query resolved in a short period. You can call them anywhere using your mobile phone. You can follow the steps below to call American Airlines.

Dial the customer support number of American Airlines at 1-800-433-7300 and listen to the given instructions carefully.

Choose the correct option to talk to a representative, and they will transfer your call to a representative from American Airlines. 

You can talk to them and get the required help.

How Would I talk to a human at American Airlines?

There are several ways on the official website to contact a customer support representative at American Airlines. If you have the question: How do I talk to a real person on American Airlines? Here is the answer to your question.


Chat is another way to contact American Airlines. Chat is preferred by most users as it provides you the option to chat in your preferred language. Live Chat option is also very helpful to the Speech and hearing impaired. You can use the below-given steps to chat:

Open the official website of American Airlines

Click the Contact American option at the bottom left corner of the website.

Select your reason to contact from the listed reasons to see the chat badge.

Click the chat badge to launch a live chat session with a customer support representative at American Airlines in a separate pop-up window.

Then traveler can start the live chat with your preferred language.


Calling is the most convenient way to get in touch with American Airlines, as calling is a part of daily life and an easy task to do. You dial the customer support representative at American Airlines number 1-800-433-7300, and they will transfer your call to a representative, and you can talk to them and get the required assistance.

What is the Call hold time at American Airlines?

Sometimes getting a live person on call at American Airlines is not easy. You might encounter the question: How long is the hold time for American Airlines? The answer is the call waiting time can be 10 minutes to an Hour, depending on the number of calls. If you want to connect without waiting, you can request a callback from American Airlines at your preferred time slot by filling out a callback request form on the official website.

Why is it so hard to connect on a call with American Airlines?

The call waiting times depend on the number of calls received by American Airlines. So if you have the question: Why is it so hard to get a hold of American Airlines? The answer is 

It may be due to many flight cancellation requests due to Covid-19.  

Maybe due to poor network coverage and a glitch in the call!