Macbooks are very popular among modern day businesses due to their reliability and performance. With the fast changing landscape of work culture, many companies are allowing the employees and contractors to work from anywhere in the world. Though MacBooks enhance productivity and efficiency of the workforce, it also becomes challenging for the IT administrators to manage the fleet of their MacBooks remotely. 

It’s just not the pain of remote updates of OS or software Apps, and keeping real time inventory data of all the devices, but also security of business apps and data becomes the biggest concern for businesses of any size. The IT Budget just goes exponentially high including deployment of manpower to manage all thse devices 24X7. 

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To save the time, resources and to secure these huge fleet of devices in real time, you need a powerful and easy to use MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution which gives you and your IT team some peaceful sleep while your MacBooks are used anywhere in the world. 

Auro24 is a highly reliable Apple MDM solution which just keeps your devices safe and all the data at your finger tip from its start of the art web dashboard. Let’s have a look at the important features which can be your go-to console, while keeping your IT budget in check.

Auro24 – MDM for MacBooks

Auto enrolment: Your employees can start using the MacBooks right away with all necessary Apps installed and settings in place with auto (Zero Touch) enrollment. No manual installation and deployment required.

Device management: With Auro24, IT administrators can monitor the device’s health, track its location, and remotely wipe it if necessary, in case the device is lost or your employee is. 

Monitor device inventory: Can keep track of the MacBooks in their fleet, including their serial numbers, hardware specifications, and software versions. Auro24 helps to monitor the device inventory and ensure that all MacBooks are up to date.

Configure device settings: To ensure consistency across all MacBooks, device settings such as network settings, privacy settings, security settings and many more can be configured and pushed. 

App management: Auro24 simplifies the process of deploying and managing apps on MacBooks. Push app updates and install new apps in real-time. 

Software Updates: Keeping MacBooks up to date with the latest OS & software updates is critical for security and performance. With Auro24, IT teams can plan and manage the OS updates as per the company policy.

It’s not just the security and compliance that are managed well with Auro24, it also provides some additional features that makes device management easy and productive. 

Device Groups & Profiles: All the MacBooks can be organized into multiple groups as per departments, locations or teams as per their necessity, with different set of settings, policies and restrictions for each. 

Multi Admins: Auro24 provides RBAC (Role Based Access Control) so that different set of devices can be managed by dedicated admins who have limited access as per their roles. Creates positive lines of management and compliance. 

Audits & reports: With bunch of Admins managing a lot of MacBooks, businesses need to keep everything in records from Admin activities on the dashboard to device inventory & reports. Auro24 provides a range of reports and audit trails to cross check everything time to time. 

Custom requirements: Every business has some unique requirements which the Auro24 team understands very well. Any business looking for a flexible MacBook MDM solution can always consult with the Auro24 team for any kind of custom requirement they might have. 

With fast growth of use of MacBooks especially when businesses look for faster and smooth onboarding of new employees and quick deployment of fleet of these devices, it requires a lot of planning, budget and right tools. Auro24 helps all types of business to achieve this automation by reducing IT manpower dependency and saving costs with its easy to use features. 

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