With high adoption of technology, iPads have become a norm for organizations seeking mobile device solutions. With their versatility and functionality, iPads can greatly benefit businesses and educational institutions alike. This also gives the employees a wider space to explore using these smart devices. Hence, ensuring a secure and productive browsing experience is crucial.

Organizations often rely on Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions to achieve this through website whitelisting features. One essential aspect of device management is controlling web access, and website whitelisting plays a vital role in ensuring a secure browsing experience. In this blog post, we will explore the concept of website whitelisting for iPads using MDM and discuss its benefits and implementation methods.

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What is Website Whitelisting?

Website whitelisting is a great security measure that enables administrators to restrict web access on devices by creating a list of approved or allowed websites. When a website is whitelisted through Auro24, it means that the device can only access those specific websites, while all other sites are blocked. This approach helps organizations have a firm control over web access and  enhance security, productivity, and compliance by limiting browsing to trusted and relevant web resources as per their business policy.

Benefits of Website Whitelisting for iPads:

  1. Enhanced Security: By whitelisting approved websites, organizations can mitigate the risks associated with malicious or inappropriate content. It reduces the chances of employees stumbling upon potentially harmful websites or falling victim to phishing attacks.

  1. Productivity and Focus: Website whitelisting enables organizations to ensure that employees or students focus on work-related tasks by limiting access to non-work-related websites. It helps eliminate distractions and improves overall productivity.

  1. Compliance and Policy Enforcement: It also helps the organizations to enforce compliance as per industry regulations or internal policies. They can ensure that employees adhere to specific guidelines and prevent access to websites that might violate data security or confidentiality requirements.

Implementing Website Whitelisting with Auro24:

To implement website whitelisting for iPads using MDM, follow these general steps:

  1. The right MDM Solution: Selecting a reliable Mobile Device Management solution that offers website whitelisting capabilities is important. Auro24 is a powerful Apple MDM solution that helps you create and manage whitelisting easily.

  1. Create a Website Whitelist: Once you login into Auro24 web console, create a list of websites that should be accessible on the enrolled iPads. Ensure the list includes all necessary work-related websites and any other resources required by the employees, contractors or students.

  1. Configure Whitelisting Policies: Set up one or multiple policies in the dashboard to enforce website whitelisting as per business requirements. These policies define which iPads should have web access restricted and which websites should be allowed.

  1. Deploy Policies to iPads: Once the policies are configured, deploy them to the iPads through Auro24 dashboard to one or multiple device groups. This step ensures that the whitelisting rules are applied to the designated devices.

  1. Test and Refine: Conduct thorough testing to verify that the website whitelisting is functioning as intended. Make any necessary modifications to the whitelist based on user feedback or operational requirements.

  1. Monitor and Maintain: Regularly monitor the website whitelisting policy and make updates as needed in the Auro24 console. Periodically review the list of whitelisted websites inside the device profiles to ensure it remains up to date with changing organizational needs.


Website whitelisting for iPads using an MDM solution is a proactive measure to enhance security, productivity, and compliance within organizations. By implementing website whitelisting policies, organizations can enhance security, boost productivity, and enforce compliance in the right way. With the right MDM solution like Auro24 and proper configuration, website whitelisting provides administrators with granular control over web access on iPads, ensuring a safer and more focused browsing experience.

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