The FIFA 23 Future Stars promo began on Friday, February 3, 2023, at 10  FIFA 23 Coins AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM GMT.Alongside the Future Stars players is the Future Stars Swaps! This event will allow you to trade in Swaps Tokens for high-value rewards!A Reddit post by user ldquoUtopianInterdiction rdquo has gained a lot of traction as FUT players make their feelings known about the new Season 4 rewards.One of the major issues players have is that they feel each new season of FUT is a copy and paste of the last. 

Furthermore, it seems this sentiment is shared by an overwhelming majority of FIFA 23 players. Many Ultimate Team users believe they are not worth playing for. FIFA 23 Players Unhappy With FUT Season 4 Rewards

The items you can earn in Season 4 include badges, tifos, and packs which are nearly the same as Season 3.One of the only differences this time is that a Future Stars Florian Balogun is available at Level 30. Although, even this has not gone down well.

Massive L hellip Not even good fodder by the time people would reach Level 30This point of view is echoed by gamers who believe that this item should have had a bigger overall increase so that by the time you get him, he would be more suited for the meta.

Other players believe that EA Sports FIFA is putting minimum effort into the rewards and that they are actually getting worse each season.

Claim rewards by arena FUT Divisional Rivals! Rivals is an absorbing bold admission breadth players FUT 23 buy Coins  beforehand with opponents from about the globe. Artlessly avenue the Ultimate Aggregation bold mode, and admission the adapted capacity in the login breadth of the FUT23 accompaniment app.