There are companies fully specialized in this field. It is not a gigantic trend, but a greater interest is being observed in exploring these centers. Today, many couples do erotic massage in Chicago because they have been together for decades and want to test the terrain of open relationships. Others, simply, because they want to try something new.

The firms that offer these services have clients of all kinds. They range from couples who are starting to try to escape a bit from the routine of exclusivity that they have lived for many years, but also those who already have experience in this field and want to give it their all.

For both one extreme and the other, firms like have something to offer, because in the end, they are quite intimate services that must fit the needs of not only one person but also a couple.

It is something that requires more balance and, above all, attention to what is required. In general, couples who are beginning to experiment ask for very simple massages to test the terrain and see if, indeed, they can enjoy such an experience.

Then, those who already have experience in this type of erotic massage in Chicago tend to choose services with a greater erotic charge, with more than one person working as a masseuse to increase tension and pleasure. As we say, variety is served.

From, they emphasize that in the majority of occasions that they go to their services the common denominator is the same: to get out of the routine. They want to try new things, even if it means experiencing terrain that still has a touch of taboo.

Benefits of erotic massages:

The more the couple is known, the more pleasure and effects can be achieved with the erotic massage in Chicago. Otherwise, do not stop asking her, for example, what level of intensity she feels most comfortable with.

It is advisable not to try to cover the entire body at once or limit yourself to massaging in a circular motion, but slowly go up from head to toe. In recognition of her erogenous zones, do not stop caressing parts of the body such as feet and legs, groin, buttocks, back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, scalp, and the area around the navel.

All the imagination that a couple can add to erotic massage in Chicago, always based on these basic concepts, will enhance its main effects:

- Increased sexual desire in both partners.

- Stimulation of erogenous zones before sexual intercourse.

​- Creativity in the couple to break the routine.

- Better blood supply in massaged areas.

- Muscle relaxation to combat stress.