If you are encountering QuickBooks Custom Email Template issues, then this article will help you with the procedure to get the problem rooted out of the system. The issue generally encountered is that upon creating a new email template, QuickBooks still employs an old template. This issue can be sorted out by resorting to a couple of solutions enumerated within the purview of this blog. So, keep reading to get your QuickBooks desktop email template issues sorted out.

Solutions to fix QuickBooks Custom Email Template issues

Users should perform the following solutions in order to get the template issue sorted out and successfully use a new email template.

Solution 1: Copying and pasting correct message before emailing

  • The user first needs to run QuickBooks as an admin, and then make a move to the Edit tab.
  • Following that, hit on the Preferences option.
  • Thereafter, make a move to the Send Forms option, and follow up by clicking on the Company Preferences tab.

  • Now, mark the template to use and subsequently, hit on Edit.
  • The user should now try copying the message.
  • After that, make a move to the File tab, and head to the Send Forms option.
  • Choose the email to send, and then proceed by pasting the copied text in the body.
  • QB Enterprise users should first opt for editing the Email.
  • Finally, hit on the Send Now option. This should fix the custom template issues in QuickBooks Desktop.

Solution 2: Reset email later settings

The steps for resetting email later settings are:

  • Initially, search for the transaction to send and open the same.
  • Follow up by choosing the option to uncheck Email Later.

  • Subsequent to that, click on the Save & Close tab.
  • At the end, go for reopening of the transaction.
  • Opt for the Email Later box, and following that, hit on the Save & Close option.

To wrap it up!

This article unfolded the viable solutions to troubleshoot Custom email template issues in QuickBooks. If you need technical assistance, just give our QuickBooks desktop support experts a call at the helpline i.e., 1-800-761-1787.