Registration and Registration freights

The enrollment figure for the CFA Program test is USD 900 for early enrollment and USD 1,200 for standard enrollment. The one- time registration figure is USD 350.

New payment option available for campaigners abiding in India ExamLabsDumps has partnered with education loan provider Exam Labs Dumps Eduvanz to offer EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) option for campaigners who are interested in registering for the CFA Program (interest rate to be applied). This EMI payment option can only be profited by aspirants abiding in India, using the “Pay by tab” option during the checkout process, and submitting the tab along with the EMI payment system *.Certified Trust and Financial Advisor The “Pay by tab” option is available over to 40 days before the close of enrollment. Click then to learn further.

Vacuity of EMI payment is subject to blessing and attestation conditions of Eduvanz. Residers of certain countries aren't suitable to register for the CFA test. Review the Office of Foreign means Control (OFAC) Policy to check whether there are any warrants on your country.

About the Program

Separate yourself from the competition. The CTFA instrument demonstrates your moxie in the trust and fiscal counsel field while feting the growing customer relationship chops necessary to be a successful wealth director.

1.       Watch the webinar or view the FAQs about important changes.

2.       Explore the benefits of CTFA

3.       Review Eligibility Conditions

4.       Check your eligibility and learn about experience and training conditions.

5.       Review Eligibility Conditions

6.       Check your eligibility and learn about experience and training conditions.

7.       Schedule Your test

8.       View forthcoming test dates and locales, and submit your operation.

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