Smart Body Sculpting Las Vegas NV is a relatively recent laser based liposuction technique being used in many countries all over the world. This revolutionary treatment, was originally carried out in Italy, and was approved the U.S. FDA in 2007, is now widely accepted and used. Smart Lipo is an outpatient procedure normally done under a local anesthesia which is always much safer than a general anesthetic both during the treatment and in the recovery period afterwards.



The doctor will usually take the patient's history and do a routine examination, then inject a liquid into the area where the Smart Laser Lipo Services Las Vegas is to be done. This contains the anesthetic to make the procedure painless and a coagulant to minimise the bleeding. A small cut is made and the doctor inserts the first cannula, which is like a small straw and contains the laser, then a second tube which will drain off the liquefied fat although some it will be absorbed into the bloodstream and disappear naturally. 



 does not require the doctor to physically break down the fat so there is very little adjoining tissue damage meaning less bleeding, very little pain and reduced discomfort during the days following the treatment. It can be expected that there will also a smaller amount of bleeding due to the laser making the tissue around the area thicken slightly compressing the blood vessels. All in all this is one high tech, safe cosmetic surgery that has almost all advantages compared with similar procedures and with very little down side.