A Stamped Concrete Denver CO pool deck in standard gray or white is functional and provides a simple way for you and guests to get around the pool. However, gray or white concrete is also quite boring. An aesthetically pleasing alternative is a decorative stamped concrete pool deck. It can transform a functional backyard area into a private resort. When the construction is performed correctly, you may decide to have a stay at home vacation next summer.


What is Stamped Concrete?


Essentially, it is a way to create patterns onto freshly poured concrete. Most commonly known as decorative, imprinted and patterned, Stamped Concrete in Firestone CO can easily resemble cobblestone, flagstone, brick, slate and wood - but without the expensive price tag.



A professional contractor will make patterns during the initial installation of the concrete. Allowing the concrete to harden enough that the impressions will stay in place, it is then stamped. In addition to patterns and shapes, contractors can add color to blend with the outdoor decor.



There are two options for the contractor when adding color. With one option, he or she can add color directly into the concrete. A second option is to add color to the surface after the concrete cures. With either method, highlighting colors can also be broadcast onto the surface allowing for an unlimited array of combinations. With so many coloring options to choose from, your concrete will be one of a kind. A coating or sealant is usually applied for an additional layer of protection. Sealants make it easy to clean, maintain and protect a homeowner's investment.



The use of stamped concrete has broadened options for pool decks, sidewalks and patios to compliment the exterior of any home. Many advantages abound for using this material in backyard pool areas. Stamped concrete pool decks can blend with the natural outdoor environment. Perhaps the most advantageous use is its ability to replicate traditional materials that are more expensive to install and maintain.



The addition of the right lighting, waterfalls and sound systems can turn a bland backyard into a mini resort area. Even with small, space-challenged backyards, the addition of a decorative concrete pool deck can make a significant difference.



Not only are stamped concrete pool decks an economical choice, but they are also safe for you and your guests. By the use of a sealant additive to your concrete sealer, traction will not be an issue. Periodic applications of a sealer are necessary to make sure regular use and weather conditions don't harm your patio. These applications typically should be applied every two to three years.



Regular maintenance also includes keeping the surface clean. As with any concrete, buildup from mold and mildew can cause pool deck surfaces to become slippery. Occasional power washing or light scrubbing with a mild detergent will remove any dirt accumulation.



Generally, pool decks have functions similar to patios. However, there are unique requirements for pool decks to maintain slip resistance and reflections from the sun. Your contractor can offer expert tips during the designing and installation phases that agree with your backyard setting. There is a perfect creation to match your lifestyle and budget.