The TFT panel is cut from a larger substrate. LCD products also have a large array of transistors to control the three primary colors, and current manufacturing technology is difficult to ensure that tens or even hundreds of millions of transistors on a large substrate are without a single problem. If there is a problem with one of the transistors, then the corresponding color of the corresponding point of the transistor will go wrong (only a certain fixed color can be displayed), and this point is commonly called “bad point”. The probability of bad spots is not fixed in position, so a substrate is likely to be wasted a lot. Generally, LCD requires that the bad point is less than 5, and some large manufacturers have narrowed the standard to 3, or even 0, which will reduce the yield rate. Some smaller manufacturers expand the bad points, which naturally reduces costs and quality, which is one reason why some manufacturers have been able to slash prices.

Although there are many manufacturers capable of producing LCDs, there are only a handful of manufacturers capable of producing TFT panels.ACER, as a well-known enterprise in the IT industry, is quite powerful. Although IT does not have the ability to produce TFT panels by itself,