The Real Estate sector in India is largely divided into residential and commercial (retail, offices, and hospitality) categories. The overall economic conditions highly affects the performance of the Real Estate sector in India. The industry attracts huge investments and thus becoming a high-risk sector with a high cost of servicing of the debt. The relative stagnancy in the market, over the past decade, has been withdrawing, with the Real Estate prices gradually rising.

The Real estate sector, however, is largely unstructured, and has a long way to go to adopt the right recruitment policies and procedures needed in a growing and professional organization. The sector is in strong need of candidates having experience in land acquisition (which is mostly localized), construction management, project management etc.

At Growthhub Consultants, we have a strong network of consultants having thorough knowledge of the market as well as the potential candidates. We develop strong ties with both of them which helps us understand the requirements from both the sides, thus mapping the right candidates with the right companies.

Advantages of Working with Placement Agency

  1. Providing Adequate Manpower: Placement Agency plays a pivotal role in getting adequate manpower towards providing fruitful utilization of job seekers to their maximum potential and service to the company’s goals and objectives by easing the selection process which involves moving from application scrutiny and sorting for the best match. However, it comforts the HR department to focus on important projects going parallel at hand along with hiring.
  2. Demand draft for employees in the particular specialization: It is also a great advantage for a company to draft a demand for employees in a particular specialization. The consultant identifies the needs of the client and makes the best candidate viable who best fits a particular job.
  3. Time Conservation: A placement agency eases the hiring steps by saving important human hours of the company’s as through direct candidate selection by the placement agencies are better than direct normal recruitment procedure as they scrutinize the right candidate at the very first stage of interview.
  4. Deeper Pool of Resources: Local hiring is always best handled by a placement agency because it’s not practical that a company might reach its existence everywhere especially in near outskirts So in order to cater the remote areas for potential candidates placement agency is the best solution as they are a viable communicator between the company and the candidates.
  5. Company’s Brand Promotion: Placement agency is known to also inculcate branding to a company. Since they have a broader zone to source the candidates for employment, they promote the company’s goodwill and products which makes the company’s brand more popular amongst all.
  6. Seasonal Employment Purposes: Some companies only require a temporary workforce when the demand permits. In that scenario, they can always get the services of a consultant offering part-time or seasonal candidates. Some companies also require labor-intensive workers on daily or monthly wages saving money for the year.