According to Custom Market Insights (CMI), The Global Video Streaming Software Market size was estimated at USD 7.89 billion in 2021 and is expected to hit around USD 20.5 Billion by 2030, poised to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.4% from 2022 to 2030.

Broadcasters employ a certain kind of technology called video streaming software to improve their streaming experience in one way or another. A more sophisticated or expert-looking broadcast is typically produced using streaming software. The software sends videos online for corporate online communication and lives audiences. 

The manner that individuals consume media has quickly altered. An increasing number of individuals are using a tablet or smartphone to view movies, listen to music, read magazines, and read books. In the history of streaming media, there have been several technological advancements.

The market for video streaming software is expected to increase during the projected period due largely to the rising use of mobile devices and internet users. Additionally, it is anticipated that the market for video streaming software will continue to grow due to technological developments in the digital media industry. The growing need for transcoding, which is important to provide videos to the biggest number of end users, is anticipated to constrain the market for video streaming software. 

The preference for online streaming services over traditional TV is also increasing, and network capacity optimization will likely create further chances for the market for video streaming software to expand in the years to come. Shortly, the market for video streaming software may face further challenges due to the growing concern about the security and privacy of video information.

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Market Dynamics.


 The need for unique video material is skyrocketing in the video broadcasting software sector. Major companies are pouring billions of dollars into the production of unique content to retain current customers and draw in new ones. A sort of gear used by broadcasters to, in some manner, enhance their live streaming experience is called video streaming hardware. Typically, a more complicated or polished-looking stream is produced using video software. Users may capture, produce, edit, and mix live-stream videos with video broadcasting software.

Video software uses the data streaming method, in which video files are compressed and sent in chunks to the device that has requested them. Users using streaming capture software can capture streaming video and material in real time. There are several solutions for streaming capture software that not only help with recording but also offer a variety of editing functions. As a result, many broadcasters work to increase brand recognition by producing unique content to increase sales of video streaming software and related services.

Due to the accessibility of live video material, viewers who formerly watched live events and sports on traditional television have started to switch to video platforms. Additionally, the number of live sports partnerships is growing as the demand for video streaming platforms rises. Because live streaming software for Mac, PC, and Linux is still in its infancy, premium live content is becoming more accessible and of higher quality across various platforms. The market for video streaming software is anticipated to grow considerably over the forecast period due to growing consumer demand for original and live-streaming content. 


 Exclusive material is becoming ever more popular. Streaming services are under pressure to turn a profit as the cost of producing content rises. Companies invest more than necessary for video development because they are uninformed of the many stages of video content distribution. The fabrication of duplicate video material has become widespread across geographies and industry sectors. These issues also add to the total cost structure.

The piracy of video content is at an all-time high. All media firms face a serious threat from professional digital thieves. Before the content’s scheduled release date, they can break into computer systems and upload the content online for free. Video content piracy causes revenue losses paid for by content suppliers and producers by reducing their earnings.

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 The popularity of online video material is outpacing that of traditional broadcast viewership. Online streaming services are becoming more popular because of their ease, variety, adaptability, and affordability. VoD viewers may choose their material from anywhere, unlike traditional TV viewers, who are constrained by location.

The ease with which mobile applications and fast network access make it possible to watch films on the go has further encouraged the audience to switch from traditional TVs to on-demand video streaming services. On-demand video services are considerably less expensive than premium cable TV memberships.


 There is a risk of viruses and cyberattacks with the rising usage of video streaming technologies. Internet thieves steal legitimate login information from thousands of Netflix and Disney+ streaming accounts and then sell it for less money. The threat associated with these platforms may become a challenge for enterprises.

Report Highlights.

Based on the component, the solutions segment holds the greatest market share and is projected to dominate. Due to video streaming technologies, businesses can consolidate, manage, and safely transmit videos. These technologies offer numerous advantages, including low latency video streaming, cheaper distribution, less downtime, and quicker transcoding for business clients. These elements together explain that video streaming solutions are becoming more and more popular.

Based on deployment, the cloud deployment mode segment is the leading segment and is expected to make the largest contribution to the video streaming software market. Platforms for streaming videos to the cloud have several benefits, including minimal operational costs, simple implementation, scalability, and collaboration.

Regional Snapshots.  

Asia-Pacific held dominant in the market during the forecast period The use of video streaming platforms to enhance and expedite corporate procedures is becoming more widespread among the nations in this area. To enhance and optimize their business operations, densely populated nations like India and China are currently moving gradually toward video streaming monetization models. Additionally, the region’s intense competition is anticipated to spur the development of video streaming software and services that will improve the organizations in the media, entertainment, and education sectors’ total return on investment.

The customers’ demand for on-demand and live video streaming platforms is growing, and businesses are using these platforms for training and collaboration, which is expected to drive market expansion throughout the Asia-Pacific region.  

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