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Low voltage applications, low drive voltage, solid use safety, and reliability improvement; Flat, light, and thin, saving a lot of raw materials and space; Low power consumption, its power consumption is about one-tenth of the CRT display, reflective TFT-LCD is only about one percent of the CRT, saving a lot of energy; TFT-LCD products also have specifications, models, size series, variety, convenient and flexible use, maintenance, update, upgrade easy, long service life and many other characteristics. The display range covers the application range of all monitors from 1 inch to 40 inches and the large projection plane, which is a full-size display terminal; Display quality from the simplest monochrome character graphics to high resolution, high color fidelity, high brightness, high contrast, the high response speed of various specifications of video display; Display mode has direct vision type, projection type, perspective type, and reflection type.