The Challenge: 

Large Pipelines and process equipment need maintenance, repair, and overhaul - This is not news to the Oil & Gas industry or any other sector that uses these structures and system elements.

But the availability of Onsite machines that can carry out the task without moving them from their fixed position or without elaborate welding processes or creating any sparking hazard is news to a few.

The Solution:

The MRO Industry is rapidly gaining and embracing Split frame/ Clamshell Cold Cutting machines beyond the usual usage of mere pipes. 


The Power generation industry shows the way with the cutting of a breech nut used in Steam turbines, mind you the thickness of this particular component can be up to 150 mm in diameter.


The sum of all advantages that on-site machining provides is manifold:

  • Time-saving operations

  • Spark-free or Flame-less cutting

  • Electrical hazards minimized

  • Simultaneous Cutting and bevelling

  • Flange Facing operations

  • Counter boring operations

  • Steady Portable machining platform

  • Accurate and Steady machining platform

  • No requirement for Gases or pressurized vessels

  • Constricted Space Access 

  • Cutting through Weld Material


and much more… all of this without moving the vessel or pipe from its place.

A Simple design that is industry proven, The Pipe Cutting and Bevelling machines with their Split frame construction isarendeed the right choice for many maintenance teams.