Southwest baggage policy is much better than compared to most other US Airlines. According to Southwest Airlines baggage policy, the bag is allowed two free carry-on bags restricted by the weight of 50 pounds and 62 inches ( Length + breadth + height) including handles and wheels. 

If you are checking an extra piece of baggage and it exceeds the weight or size limit, then it will cost you twice the original cost. According to Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy, a $75 excess baggage fee with a $75 overweight fee will together cost $150. To avoid the extra charges try to keep all baggage under 50 pounds especially when you are planning to check in with the two bags.

The above-mentioned fees are applied to all passengers irrespective of their travel class.

For domestic flights, you need to check in 45 minutes before your flight departure. And unfortunately, if your luggage failed to arrive at your destination, Southwest Airlines is not responsible and will not pay any delivery fees to get your luggage to you.

For international flights, passengers need to check-in baggage 60 minutes before the departure of their flight (and 75 minutes if they're traveling from the US to Aruba). If they failed to check-in in the above-mentioned time frame then they will not be allowed to check in at all.

What if Your Baggage is lost or Damaged?

According to Southwest's baggage policy, if your baggage is damaged which includes normal cuts, scratches and cuffs, then the airline has no responsibility for the above-mentioned losses. Additionally, the airline shows no liability for the loss of money, electronic equipment, food items and much more. Therefore, kindly be careful what you pack in your luggage.

However, for any damage or loss of your luggage which includes wheels, pockets, feet or straps, Southwest Airlines is responsible for the loss and the compensation for the damage or delay of your baggage is restricted and cannot exceed $3,800. Book your Southwest Airlines flight today call now: +1-347-695-1687 & +1-800-435-9792 and experience the difference in air travel.

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