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Cooperate with IPG to develop the next generation of high-efficiency production laser tools

Ashok Lahiri, co-founder and CTO of Enovix, said: “From 30W lasers in 2018 to today’s 1kW lasers, our manufacturing technology has greatly improved, and the latest 1kW lasers will be incorporated into Gen2 systems.”

Our processes depend heavily on the unique capabilities and precision of laser forming technology. Over the past 15 months, Enovix has repeatedly demonstrated the productivity gains of lasers in mass production with industry advances in laser power and proprietary advances in electrode processing technology. We are excited to partner with IPG Photonics and other leading global organizations and bring on Manuel and other industry experts to further enhance our capabilities in these areas. ”

Signing a cooperation with IPG will help Enoix establish and form its own growth model, and promote the transformation of the entire industry from mechanical cutting to laser processing. The introduction of next-generation laser processing equipment will help Enoix expand its own scale.

It is reported that, as a leading R&D and manufacturer of advanced silicon anode lithium-ion batteries, Enovix’s proprietary 3D battery structure improves energy density and maintains high cycle life. Enoix is building an advanced silicon anode lithium-ion battery manufacturing plant in the United States for mass production. The company’s original goal was to provide high-energy batteries to industry-leading mobile device designers, enabling them to create more innovative and effective portable products. In addition, Enovix is also developing 3D battery technology and production processes for the electric vehicle and energy storage markets, facilitating the widespread application of renewable energy.

Trevor Ness, Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Strategic Business Development at IPG Photonics, commented: “More and more cell manufacturers are implementing laser technology into their manufacturing process. We believe Enoix is a leader in this field and we are delighted Continue to work with them to bring advanced laser solution innovations to the battery industry.”