1. Possess improved problem-solving abilities
The multi-level, open-world, and quest-based games are made to look like challenging puzzles that can take hours to complete. As a result, developing the ability to think and strategize in a hectic fantasy setting is a skill that might be useful in the real world. According to a lengthy study that the American Psychological Association published in 2013, youngsters who play strategy games see a development in their problem-solving abilities, which leads to better outcomes. higher marks in the upcoming academic year.

2. Games can encourage physical activity
It seems absurd considering how stationary players of video games are frequently. There are actually a lot of games that need movement, including VR games and some particular games that call for movement and interaction in a real-world setting, like Pokémon GO, which has you wander around to collect monsters. favourite. It goes without saying that someone who regularly goes for jogs in the morning or the evening will have a huge advantage over someone who is unwilling to move around while playing Pokémon GO. Nothing is more enjoyable than playing video games while simultaneously losing weight.

3. Play video games to hone your observation skills.
As long as you don't misuse it and sit and play games for hours on end, playing games actually enhances your capacity for observation. According to a study that appeared in Livescience, 10 males who were trained to play first-person shooter video games for 30 hours were able to locate and identify things in an experiment. Because their eyes have gotten stronger at adjusting to the detail in FPS games, space clutter is considerably better than 10 non-gamers. Billion players throughout the world are addicted to happy wheels because it combines elements of driving, action, and obstacle-overcoming.