How To Grow Eyelashes With Bimatoprost:

Careprost is utilized for treating patients that do not have sufficient or enough eyelashes. This medication allows the lashes to become evident by enabling them to grow, thereby allowing them to become long, dark, and thick.

This medicine is also simultaneous to the natural chemical within our system known as prostaglandin. It is useful in treating people that have glaucoma. When you have been administered to make use of Careprost Bimatoprost at Generic Aura for glaucoma or already making use of it, make sure that you do not get this drug inside the eyes.

If you put additional Bimatoprost inside your eyes, it allows it to become less efficient for glaucoma care. Consult with the physician or drug specialist for extra information.

Methods of Using Careprost

Go through the label that contains the patient instructions given by the drug specialist before the period you begin taking this drug then every period you do refill. Appropriately learn the steps in using this drug carefully.

When there is a troubling question, discuss it with the physician or drug specialist. Take this drug as prescribed by the physician once per day, which is in the evening.

To use this drug, first, clean your hands and face with clean water, and take away any artificial lenses or makeup. You can place your contact lens back 15 minutes after you have finished applying.

Put a drop of this drug inside the applicator given. Instantly pull the applicator gradually all over the skin of the eyelid above in the lower part of the eyelash going within the area of the lash to outer space. Remove any extra solution added over the margin of your eyelid. Discard the applicator immediately after you are done using this drug.

Use with another applicator from the eyelid above, and you should not use this medicine at the lower part of the eyelid. When this drug enters the eyes, avoid rinsing it. It has the probability of adding more problems when it comes to it. The fact it is a similar drug that is utilized for treating glaucoma.

In preventing contamination, make sure that your hands never touch their lids on top of every other surface, and be careful in using water with the dropper. Substitute every cap immediately after it’s finished with them and let every hat remain closed. To enjoy each use, you have to take the medication regularly.

Whenever there is a need to remember easily, and then try applying it at the same time every evening. Try never to take this drug more than the administered dose, when you use more of it, does not prove how effective it will be. You might see the benefits of this medication two months after it’s administered.

When you discontinue this drug, expect changes as the look of your eyelash will return to the way they have been before the time you started using this medication. It might also be possible that the result of the eyelash might not be similar. It might have little deviations in color, growth, length, amount, thickness, etc. When you notice any of these signs, discuss them with the physician.

Adverse Effects.

You might experience the following symptoms;

  • Distress
  • Itching
  • Dryness in the Eye
  • Redness of the Eye

If you notice any of these and they constantly reoccur, then discuss them with the physician or drug specialist instantly. You can also have hair growth in every part of the skin if the medication gets there regularly.

Make sure that you remove any additional drugs when used in your eye margin. Note that your physician administered this drug because he understands the usefulness of this medication is better than the probability of adverse effects. Most people that use this drug don’t have severe adverse effects.

Whenever you place this medication inside the eyes for treating glaucoma, it might gradually (maybe months to several years) result in a brownish color in the part of the eyes color. This type of medication is beneficial in enhancing eyelashes.

Also, Careprost [Bimatoprost] can result in changes in eyelids or dark colors in skin and skin base. When you stop using this, the dark color might disappear after a few months or weeks. Nevertheless, other adverse effects might become permanent, like discoloration in the eyes. Discuss with the physician if you found out about any of these severe side effects;

  • Eye infections such as swollen eyes, discharge, and unusual redness
  • Pain in the eyes
  • Quick vision change like no vision.

Severe allergies to this medicine are not absolute but look for instant medical attention if it happens. Signs of severe allergies are listed below;

  • Serious drowsiness
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Itching
  • Swollen tongue/face

This might never be the exact list of likely adverse effects. If you notice any other harmful effects of this medication, discuss it with the physician or drug specialist regarding it.

General Warning 

Before taking this medication, discuss with the physician or drug specialist if you have any allergies or any drugs with the same active components like travoprost and latanoprost, or other forms of allergies. The medicine might possess inactive ingredients like preservatives (e.g. benzalkonium chloride) that might result in allergies or other issues. Discuss with your pharmacist for more pieces of information. Before taking this drug, discuss your medical conditions with them, particularly eye problems like glaucoma or other eye issues such as aphakia, macular edema, etc.

Relationship with Other Medicine

A physician or drug specialist might be aware of other likely drug relationships and might assist you in tracking them. Avoid stopping, altering, or starting the dose of any drug before discussing it with your drug specialist or physician.

Also, consider any other medicines that you might be using such as non-prescription drugs, or herbal drugs particularly some eye drops for glaucoma like Generic Latisse Bimatoprost, Careprost, etc.

So, if you have any medication to use, discuss it with the physician or drug specialist about every product. Have a list of every drug and share it with both drug specialists and physicians.

Careprost Dosage


This drug is dangerous when swallowed. When someone has taken an overdose and shows signs of fainting or difficulty in breathing, immediately call for emergency medical attention.

Missed Dose
When you do not take a dose, instantly skip it and then wait for the next dose. Do not try to use additional treatment to cover up.

Storage Instructions

  • Store at room temperature
  • Keep far from light rays and moist
  • Do not try flushing down the toilet or keep drugs in the bathroom.
  • Keep far away from kids and animals
  • Avoid pouring the medications inside the drain, except you are advised to do so.
  • Appropriately dispose of this medicine when it has expired or is not required any longer.

Do not discuss this medication with others; it is only administered for your present medical situation. Avoid using it for other problems without the physician telling you to make use of it.