Building stone properties
Building stones are a form of construction that is used in the construction of buildings. Building vary stones; We find basalt, granite, limestone or sandstone and many others, and each type is suitable for different uses and is extracted from huge hard rocks from quarries, and these stones must be free of any cracks and be strong so that they can resist various weather factors

Basalt is an igneous rock, characterized by density and extreme hardness, and has many physical properties. It is characterized by a dark color, where its colors range from gray to black, and it is mainly composed of plagioclase and pyroxene minerals.

In addition, its corrosion rate is low, as it contains 50% of silica, which makes it a good resistance to weathering factors due to its strong hardness [3]. It is widely used in roads and in the construction of dams and sidewalks, as its compressive strength ranges from 200 MPa to 350 MPa.

Granite is widely found in nature, and its compressive strength ranges from 100 MPa to 250 MPa, as it is also considered a volcanic rock, and is characterized by its lack of pores, meaning its low ability to absorb, which makes it a weak resistance to fire, so it is widely used in Indoor stoves, and as a result of its low porosity, it is also used in floors, walls and columns due to its resistance to water penetration, and its colors range from light gray to pink.

Sandstone is one of the types of sedimentary rocks, and this type of stone is mixed with silica cement in the construction of heavy structures, and sandstone consists of quartz and feldspar and contains different colors such as red, brown, yellow and others.

The reason for this is due to the iron oxide and silica found inside the sandstone, and it is not suitable for the construction of building facades, but it can be used in river walls and in building foundations and bridge walls.

Marble is one of the very strong metamorphic rocks, where limestone is subjected to intense pressure and heat, which leads to turning it into marble. It is also characterized by its ability to be polished and cut easily and is available in white and pink colors.


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