The discovery of its aesthetic use was accidental. In 1987, while Dr. Jean Carruthers was resolving a patient's twitching eyelid, she noticed that frown lines and crow's feet also disappeared.

Botulinum toxin is a substance generated by a bacterium called Clostridium Botulinum, which acts by paralyzing the muscles into which it is injected, in such a way that its use manages to eliminate wrinkles from different areas of the face.

It is a highly purified product and it is administered in very small doses, so its use is quite safe in the indicated doses. It occurs in different types of pharmaceutical preparations, which are marketed under different names.

The beginnings of Botox Injections in Los Angeles for medical use go back to the early 70s when it provided an excellent service in ophthalmology.

Alan Scott, an ophthalmologist at the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Foundation in San Francisco, United States, was the first to use doses of botulinum toxin to cure strabismus, providing this branch of medicine with a wonderful alternative that involved less risk than the surgical intervention.

Alan Scott created the company Oculinum Inc. to conduct human trials, and in 1988, Allergan Inc. purchased the rights to distribute botulinum toxin type A.

Then, in 1989, Oculinum Inc. obtained authorization from the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) to commercialize the toxin to treat strabismus and blepharospasm (a localized movement that affects the eyelids) associated with dystonia.

Little by little, botox was used to treat various pathologies including as the Best Dermal Fillers in Los Angeles. In 1990, it began to be used as a treatment to relieve spasmodic torticollis. 

Cosmetic use:

The cosmetic use of Botox is approved in 2002 by the FDA, under the trade name Botox Cosmetic. And in 2004 it was approved to treat primary severe axillary hyperhidrosis. But the discovery of the aesthetic use of the toxin was earlier. And it was the consequence of an absolutely accidental event.

It happened in 1987, while Dr. Jean Carruthers was treating a patient suffering from blepharospasm with botulinum toxin type A.

Carruthers noticed, then, that, at the same time that she solved the contraction of the eyelid, the lines between the eyebrows and crow's feet disappeared. Surprisingly, the patient looked much younger.

Seeing the results, Jean Carruthers and her husband, cosmetic surgeon Alastair Carruthers, began an investigation with 30 patients that lasted 3 years and, later, they used to present before the American Academy of Dermatology.

Thus, this work became the first safety study on the cosmetic use of botulinum toxin worldwide.

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