A film about Beth Thomas, then aged six and a half, premiered on HBO in 1990. The documentary Child of Anger shocked viewers deeply. Beth was shown on camera detailing the abuse she had endured and inflicted on others with a lack of feeling. She used pins to hurt her sibling. She was responsible for the deaths of many newborn birds. And she seriously considered taking the life of her parents.

This documentary is still available on YouTube, but be warned: it's not easy to watch. Before real crime became popular, Child of Wrath shed light on severely disturbed children. Psychologists can now determine how damaging Beth's early exposure to abuse and neglect was by comparing her situation then and now. But, we also learn that growing a conscience and triumphing against terrible adversity is possible.

What Happened To Beth Thomas?

Trauma plagued Thomas throughout her first two years of existence. Her biological mother passed away when she was only a year old. Her biological father took her and her younger brother and abandoned them. The biological father hardly provided for his kids and sometimes left them hungry. He also subjected Beth to regular acts of physical and sexual abuse.

Beth and her brother were adopted at 19 months by a pastor and his wife. Until Beth began exhibiting psychopathic signs, the couple had no idea the abuse was as severe as it was. It was clear that she lacked any moral compass. Similar to how her father had abused her, she began acting out sexually and attacking her brother. In time, Beth's adoptive parents began confining her to her room overnight and actively sought treatment for her mental illness. The tragedy and the emotional fallout from abuse are on full display.

How Did They Tend To Beth's Medical Needs?

There are two forms of care that Beth Thomas receives in Child of Anger. The documentary begins with her conversation with clinical psychologist Dr Ken Magid. Magid specialized in helping young children who had experienced terrible abuse and trauma.

There came a moment when Beth's adoptive parents decided the risk of keeping her around was too great. She was placed in Connell Watkins' custody for intensive therapy. Watkins, in the documentary, explains how the strict discipline and loving care she had as a child helped shape Beth's conscience. Beth had to initiate all assistance at first. To get anything to eat or drink or use the restroom, she had to request it specifically. Beth was given more responsibility as she gained Watkins' and the facilitators' trust. After some time, Beth started to feel like she belonged somewhere.

As you can see, the community has received Beth's therapy well. Some of Watkins' remedies, however, have a shady side. Watkins was accused and convicted of child abuse resulting in a kid's death in 2000. She had murdered a 10-year-old while trying to "rebirth" the kid. The baby was suffocated during this procedure, designed to mimic conditions in the womb. Watkins was not a certified counsellor.

To This Day, Where Is Beth Thomas?

For fast reference, that's Beth Thomas up there; she's a professional nurse and has documented her experiences in a book. This "Child of Anger" is a success story of a person who overcame Reactive Attachment Disorder with therapy.